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Saint Vitus Bar
(Brooklyn, NY)

Bar Matchless
(Brooklyn, NY)

The Anchor
(Kingston, NY)


KC's Tap
(Pawtucket, RI)

(Providence, RI)

The Apartment
(Providence, RI)


The Midway Cafe
(Jamaica Plain, MA) 

O'Brien's Pub
(Allston, MA)

PA's Lounge
(Somerville, MA)

Ralph's Diner
(Worcester, MA)

Lucky Dog Music Hall
(Worcester, MA)

The Raven
(Worcester, MA)

The Elevens
(Northampton, MA)

Sierra Grille
(Northampton, MA)

13th Floor Music Lounge 
(formerly Silk City Music / JJ's Tavern)
(Florence, MA)

The Platinum Pony
(Easthampton, MA)

Waterfront Tavern
(Holyoke, MA)


Geno's Rock Club
(Portland, ME)


Wicked Music Record Shop Stage
(Keene Music Festival - Keene, NH)


Cause Sound Bar
(Minneapolis, MN)


Elm Bar
(New Haven, CT)

Cafe Nine
(New Haven, CT)

The Outer Space & The Ballroom
(Hamden, CT)

Arch Street Tavern
(Hartford, CT)

Charter Oak Cultural Center
(Hartford, CT)

Cherry Street Station
(Wallingford, CT)

Chas' Place
(Meriden, CT)

(Middletown, CT)

The Oasis Pub
(New London, CT)

33 Golden St
(New London, CT)

The El-N-Gee Club
(New London, CT)

The Bank Street Cafe
(New London, CT)

The Telegraph
(New London, CT)

SanXuari @ The Brass Rail
(New London, CT)

The Galley
(New London, CT)

Parade Plaza
(Sailfest, New London, CT)

Hygienic Art Park
(Whalie Awards / I AM Fest, New London, CT)

Crocker House Ballroom
(Hygienic Rock Fix, New London, CT)

(New London, CT)

Waterford Community Center
(Waterford, CT)

The Backstage Rock Bar
(Groton, CT)

Galaxy Roller Rink
(Groton, CT)

The German Club
(Mystic, CT)


Death to False Metal Fest
(Hamden, CT)

RPM Fest
(Greenfield, MA)

Keene Music Festival
(Keene, NH)

I AM Festival
(New London, CT)

Grand Band Slam
(Hartford, CT)

Emerge Festival
(Hartford, CT)

(New London, CT)


Absum (CT)
Aeolian Race (MA)
Akris (VA)
Amido Black (CT)
Ancient Wisdom (TX / Prosthetic Records)
Anderson Family Picnic (CT)
Anne Castellano & The Smoke (CT)
Ants in the Cellar (RI)
Armstrong (ME)
Art of Kanly (CT)
Atrina (CT)
Banditas (MA)
Bask (NC)
Battery Steele (ME)
Begat the Nephilim
Benthic Realm (MA)
Big Ups (MN)
Birch Hill Dam (MA)
Black Cat (NH)
Blackout (NY / Riding Easy Records)
Black Pyramid (MA)
Blackwolfgoat (MA)
Blood of Kings (WA)
Blood Stone Sacrifice
Bloodshot Hooligans (CT)
Botfly (CT)
Bottomfed (MA)
Blue Aside (MA)
Brava Spectre (CT)
Brazen Hussy (CT)
Burnouts From Outer Space (CT)
Buzzard Canyon (CT)
Carnivora (MA)
Castle (CA / Prosthetic Records)
Cazador (MA)
Chasing Trinity (CT)
Clamfight (PA)
Conclave (MA)
Cosmic Sea (NY)
Crowfeeder (MA)
Cult of Ulysses (CT)
Curse the Son (CT) 
Damaged, The (MA)
Darker Half (Australia)
Dead Like Death (MA)
Dead Empires (NY)
Death (Detroit Punk)
Defenders of Pluto (CT)
Delibrates (RI)
Demographic, The (MA)
Deville (Sweden / Small Stone Records)
Dialogue From a Silent Film (NY)
Dirge Carolers
Disable Time (CT)
Drivetrain (ME)
Electric Bucket (CT)
Electric Sinners, The (MA)
Empty Vessels (CT)
Entandem (MA)
Entierro (CT)
Faces of Bayon (MA)
Fake Babies (CT)
Fall From Below (CT)
Farewood (CT)
Fatal Film (CT)
Fin'amor (NY)
Fires of Old
Fish House (CT)
Flesh Hammer (CT)
Fog Wizard
Fórn (MA)
Four Speed Fury (MA)
Gaggle of Cocks (NY)
Gamma Goochies, The (ME)
Gas Attack (MA)
Gasoline Therapy (CT)
Give Up (MA)
Goat Herder (CT)
Goblet (MA)
Gone For Good (CT)
Grizzlor (CT)
Harborlights (MA)
Hempsteadys, The (CT)
Hepatagua (MA)
Herff Jones (CT)
Hessian (ME)
Holding On To Nothing (CT)
Hollow Cross (MA)
Hollow Leg (FL)
Hopeless Losers (ME)
Horns of Ormus (CT)
Ichabod (MA)
Imperial Triumphant (NY)
Insano Vision (CT)
Incogntio Sofa Love (CT/CA)
Irata (NC)
James Mauri Four (CT)
Jesse Minute, The
Joshua James Esterline
Jukebox Romantics (NY)
Kind (MA)
Kings Of Nothing (CT)
Ladykillas (CT)
Lamb Bombs (CT)
Leeds Point (NY) 
Liquor Baron (CT)
Lobotomobile (NH)
Lost Riots (CT)
Modern Primates (CT)
Moon Tooth (NY)
Murdervan (CT)
Nailer (MA)
Natural Fathers (CT)
Nightbitch (CT)
Nocuous (MA)
Obsidian Tongue (MA)
Oh, Cassius (CT)
Olyphant (MA)
Onera (MA)
Orsus (RI)
Oxen (MA)
The Pack A.D. (Canada)
Palaceburn (PA) 
Pigboat (ME)
Pinto Graham (CT)
Ports of Spain (CT)
Potsy (NH)
Private Dancer (MN)
Problem With Dragons (MA)
Promise of Fire
Ratz, The (CT)
Recur Occurrence (CT)
Reign of Zaius (NY)
Riddle of Steel (MO)
Royal Thunder (TX / Relapse Records)
Sadplant (CT)
Sakara (MA)
Saturns Return (ME)
Scimitar, The (MA)
Sea (MA)
Sea of Bones (CT)
Shatner (MA)
Shut Up! (MA)
Sidewalk Dave (CT)
Slander (CT)
Snow Orphan (CT)
Sperm Donor (CT)
Street People (CT)
Stone Titan (CT)
Suicide Dolls (CT)
Summoner (MA)
Sun Dagger (CT)
Swarmlord (ME)
Tenafly Vipers (MA)
Test Meat (MA)
Three Dollar Depth Charge (CT/MN)
Thunderforge (MA)
Tides of Time (MA)
Titanis (MA)
Tony Jones & The Cretin Three (RI)
Utah (GA)
Valkyrie (VA/ Relapse Records)
Vengeance (CT)
Warm (CT)
Wasted Theory (DE)
WeedEater (NC / Season of Mist Records)
Western Massacre (MA)
When The Deadbolt Breaks (CT)
Whiplash (NJ)
Without Warning (MA)
Wizard Eye (PA)
Wolfghost (CT) 
Worshipper (MA)
Wounded Giant (WA)
Wrought Iron Hex (MA)
1974 (CT)



"When All You've Got is a Hammer"
From the new EP 'Fortunate Some' OUT NOW!
Shot, directed & conceptualized by Peter Huoppi. Featuring: Chris Holdridge, Clint Wright & Rich Huoppi.
Live footage filmed on location at 33 Golden Street, New London, CT



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