Rocking With Rehab's Red
Looking for good music this spring? Look no further than Bedroom Rehab Corporations release "Red Over Red". The band consists of die hard rock drummer veteran Meg Killimade and bassist wiz Adam Wujtewicz who has an uncanny ability to make his bass sound like a guitar. Not as straight ahead as Eye of the Storm, fans of ambient rock will enjoy Rehab's foray into experimental bass sounds and seafaring lyrics. The album opens with "Low Tide", featuring a phaser laced 90's sounding bass strum and weird psychedelic radio sounds like Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Then, the album launches into Meg's thundering and thudding drums amidst Adam's singing about the holes sailor's lives lost after drowning after a shipwreck. Although there's plenty of whiskey, there's not a drop of (salt) water to drink. The song also speaks of themes of alienation where there's "nothing left to live for," a point driven home by the compressed distortion on Adam's dirge-like basslines. Like Don Henley of 79's Eagles fame, the singer also "can't kill the beast" on Basilosaurus. Next, SOS (Son of Siren), is a grungy song about a child in the middle of heaven "lending the singer a hand to escape his life". The walking bassline and lyrics are haunting, remind the listener that the seclusive sirens are often blue-lipped Lucifers in disguise, regardless of how trustworthy they may seem on the surface. The song crawls to a stop before leading into "All Hands' a flangy metal instrumental with heavy sustain guitar riffs. Although "Captain Dammit" and "Gone by the Boards" have lyrics that are either so echoey or hardcore as to be indecipherable, the former sounds like Marilyn Manson in all but lyrics. Meanwhile, Boards starts slow and sparingly, (with clean sounds guitars, (before expanding into a barrage of loud guitar and snarly vocals (like Lee-Roth meets STP). "No Payment for the Boatman" seems to mean punishment for someone else's crimes and features short staccato bursts crunchy guitar rather than long sustained power chords. Furthermore, the garage thud of Meg's drum's lay the foundation for the tubular sound effects of Adam's bass strumming on "Pilot Fish". This song tells the familiar story of the macho moratorium of young adulthood ("You need it. I got it."), including the relationship ambivalence when being a "food for bigger fish against the tide" instead of settling for the fish you're with. This is also a time when young singers learn to dicriminate their true friends from their enemies ("sharks") as Meg's drums accelerate until the end (only to slow to a crawl once again). Finally, "Caught in the Bite" feature's Meg's Grohl-sounding drum beat counterpointing Adam's dark bass note triads. His soft vocals steadily ascending into a gothic screech as he sings about captains dying at the hands of some monster at the eye of the storm flinging freezing surf spray onto their sinking ship as it runs aground. Red sky at morning means sailors take warning. Few Eastern CT bands have as much staying power as this couple whose hard rock drive has been central to the New London county's rock scene. Buy Red Over Red from the Telegraph music store one of these weekends as the weather warms and the rock scene starts simmering up..

Worship The Power
As they've toured New England and New York building a solid rep in the sludge/hard rock/doom/metal scene, New London's Bedroom Rehab Corporation have also served as ambassadors for their hometown. And, as the genre is made up of a close-knit community of musicians, bands rely on one another for support and connections as they travel. Kudos to BRC, then, for bringing together an amazing bill Friday at 33 Golden Street. Headlining is TeePee recording artsists Worshipper -- on the road behind their new "Shadow Hymn," an album that bewitch-ingly fuses harmony and melody with brooding power. Summoner and Buzzard Canyon -- and, of course Bedroom Rehab themselves -- will also perform. 
- Rick Koster, The Day (December, 2016) 

#2 on The Burning Beard's Best Releases of 2015:
This was easily my best new discovery of 2015. Heavy, groovy, thunderous and pleasing in every aspect. Bedroom Rehab Corp pulled off an absolute blinder with Fortunate Some and have me itching for full length in 2016".
-Jay Hooke, The Burning Beard (January 4, 2016)

#9 on The Obelisk's Short Releases of 2015:
- JJ Kozcan, The Obelisk (December 29, 2015)

The Obelisk reivew of Fortunate Some: 
"Bedroom Rehab Corporation have clearly gained a firmer grasp on their sound, on the kind of band they want to be, on the atmospheres they want to convey and on the force with which they want to convey them. The fact that they returned to producer Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed Red over Red, and tracked at the same studio — Sonelab, in Easthampton, Massachusetts — only further conveys the progression they’ve made sound-wise. And in terms of presentation, Fortunate Some arrives as a pro-pressed 180g 12″ vinyl in gorgeous purple and gray swirl to match the Liz Walshak (Sea, ex-Rozamov) artwork’s weighted vibe. I like a CD as much as the next guy — probably more — but the uptick in professionalism all around is noteworthy, and since it comes coupled with the best songwriting Bedroom Rehab Corporation have yet proffered, it’s all the more welcome......The symmetry of the EP I suppose is another aspect one could look at as evidence of how far Bedroom Rehab Corporation have come in two years (they started in 2008, restarted in 2011, but still, thinking of the time since the debut’s release), but if anything, it’s a symptom of the larger refinement of focus on display across the board with Fortunate Some, which seems to build even as it tears down."
- JJ Kozcan, The Obelisk (December 3, 2015)

The symmetry of the EP I suppose is another aspect one could look at as evidence of how far Bedroom Rehab Corporation have come in two years (they started in 2008, restarted in 2011, but still, thinking of the time since the debut’s release), but if anything, it’s a symptom of the larger refinement of focus on display across the board with Fortunate Some, which seems to build even as it tears down. - See more at:

Stoner Hive review of Fortunate Some:
"You know all those stupid drummer jokes like; who's that with the band? Oh, that's the drummer. Yeah well what IF the drummer is the band, dickheads!!! Because that is 50% of the Bedroom Rehab Corporation. The duo consists of Adam Wujtewicz on bass and vocals along with Meghan Killimade on the kit. These two crushed it on their former Red Over Red album and they crush it on their latest release Fortunate Some, doing more with what they have than some four-piece outfits. Fortunate Some is called a doom record but I hear way more thought going on here. The couple is very pop savvy. They employ the soft to hard method of playing and singing which was very popular in the 90's. Adams voice is excellent on all four cuts and shows that he has more than just a shouting act. Adams bass playing is mysterious and subtle at times, only to then rise and reach out into the vastness of the universe. Meghan holds it down time after time, after time. The drumming is straight forward but excellent and is heavy in the mix. I truly enjoyed all four tracks but my favorite song on the record would have to be The Serpent The Smiler. Great record, great playing and great production. Do you think I liked it? Check’em out at the bandcamp below. You won't regret it. I promise..."
- Charlie Tooth, Stoner Hive (October 31, 2015)

Kingdom of Noise review of Fortunate Some:
"Fortunate Some is a very welcome surprise in a year of quality doom. The duo have obvious chemistry with each member critical to the success of the other. They're subtly dynamic, shaping atmosphere when called for and bludgeoning when you need it. They have a way of shifting the sonic focus between themselves so the listener always has someone to love. I can't recommend this enough. Honest, dynamic, psychedelic and forceful doom from two individuals who obviously live and breathe for their art".
- Matt Hinch, Kingdom of Noise (October 17, 2015)

Echoes and Dust review of Fortunate Some:
Simplicity has long been part of the appeal of the doom metal genre. Ranging from hypnotically repetitive to bludgeoning and headbangable, the slower branch of the metal family tree has long rejected the flashy acrobatics that so many of its cousins have shameless adopted, and is beloved by many specifically for the less-is-more approach it takes. Enter Bedroom Rehab Corporation from New London, CT. This bass-and-drums duo exemplifies doom’s simplicity even more than most, and while the makeup of the group contributes to that, the band truly embraces that concept in their songwriting and musicianship. Two years following the release of their debut full-length Red Over Red and a slew of shows across the northeast US, the band has finally released a follow-up in the form of Fortunate Some, a four-song EP with very few frills and very effective songcraft. As anyone who has seen the band live can tell you, the lack of guitar has little impact on the weight of their sound. Bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz has no problem filling a room – or, in the case of a studio recording, your speakers – with his tone; while his amp and cab are simple, his pedalboard is massive and he is able to use his horde of effects to both fill out his sound and add character to his riffs. The focus is definitely kept on the riffs themselves, though, and at no point on Fortunate Some does the band go into psychedelic freakout mode with a crazy wall of trippy sounds. Drummer Meghan Killimade, to the benefit of the band, sticks mostly to simpler beats, and she is damn near metronomic in her tightness and timing. There are some bands that can benefit from bits of sloppiness here and there, but in Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s case, the rhythmic accuracy brought by a tight drummer causes the riffs to hit much harder than they might otherwise.Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s sound is rooted in Melvins-esque grunge-influenced sludge/doom metal, but their songs are surprisingly hooky for a genre not always known for its hooks. Wujtewicz’s vocals run the gamut from a smooth baritone to evil snarls, and his more melodious lines add a great deal of catchiness to songs like the lead single ‘When All You’ve Got is a Hammer.’ The band’s overall sound is very much uniquely theirs; you shouldn’t find yourself looking for a better version of this band, because there isn’t another band that pins this sound down quite the way these two can. The territory they occupy is certainly familiar, and if you’ve wandered it before you probably won’t hear much on
Fortunate Some that will surprise you, but songs are all good enough that it doesn’t matter.It is clear in both a live and studio setting that this pair has incredible musical chemistry, and at some point this musical secret from New England will be discovered by the rest of the world. Let Fortunate Some be your much-needed introduction to the duo, because these riffs need to be heard.
- John McLaughlin, Echoes and Dust (October 13, 2015)

The Burning Beard Review of Fortunate Some:
"Here's another monster of a find deep from the Bandcamp vaults! I've been itching to get this down-tuned duo up since I preordered the vinyl some time back, but was reluctant to grade the whole EP on the strength of just one track. Alas, today the postman came through and finally delivered this huge monster of sombre doom. So, I happened to stumble upon BRC late one night while drunkenly perusing bandcamp's deepest, darkest depths, and straight away this slightly unassuming couple had me hooked. The only streamable song at the time 'When All You've Got Is A Hammer' promptly received about 8 consecutive plays, firmly lodging itself deeply into my subconscious (I defy anyone to be able to play it just once!) and caused me to have that night what I can only describe as 'viking battle dreams' that would make Thor himself weep with joy. Much like all my current favourite two piece acts currently kicking the scene up the arse (namely Dr Colossus) BRC are simplicity incarnate, and living proof that you don't have to over complicate things in order to create something absolutely bone shakingly stellar. Somewhat reminiscent of early Sleep, the slow, thundering waves of riffs, intoxicating drum beats and vocals that sound like they were recorded by being bellowed into a Nordic valley all cumulate into, for my money, the best EP I've heard this year... by quite a margin! Heavy and haunting in equal measure, Fortunate Some may only be 4 tracks in length but it still manages to take you on an unprecedented trip through a number of genres. Flexing their artistic muscles Adam and Meghan are able to amalgamate doom, stoner rock, psych, acid rock and even a touch of space rock into one place before promptly stomping them all into one bloody, speaker destroying slab of beauty. It's seldom a predominantly doom album is particularly catchy in nature, but somehow BRC have managed to hit this nail square on the head. If you don't find yourself driving along listening to this EP at some point roaring the lyrics "When all you've got is a hammer!" at the top of your lungs while thumping your steering wheel, then, well you're pretty much dead inside. Go over to their bandcamp page and pick up a copy of the EP now! It's an absolute beast of a recording, and is guaranteed to push your rig to near breaking point!"
- Jay Hooke, The Burning Beard (October 12, 2015)

Mention on Mugwumb's Vinyl Diaries:
"Then I received this 12″ beast. Bedroom Rehab Corporation, never heard from this duo before but when I heard their “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” via BandCamp, I was sold. Damn, if you have a tune titled like that one, you can’t go wrong. This EP is a great mixture of doom, heavy, stoner etc. Aaaahhhh.. NIce one and still available via duo’s BandCamp site if you are interested of using hammer.. in other words, recommended one".
- Mugwumb's Vinyl Diaries (October 10, 2015)

Mention on Doomed & Stoned:
"BRC is an infectious two-piecer from New London that we kind of "grew up" with here at Doomed & Stoned. It's been a joy to see Adam and Meghan carefully craft their sound, which has the most deliciously filthy riffage juxtaposed with sweet and sour vocals. "When All You've Got is a Hammer" is a powerful doom anthem that makes you want to raise your fist and bang your head. I look forward to pouring into 'Fortunate Some' (2015) - and I must say, the vinyl is scrumptious looking! Liz Walshak did a magnificent job of capturing the spirit of the record through the album art. Recommended!"
-BillyGoat, Doomed & Stoned (October 6, 2015)

Feature Article: A Bigger BRC Sound - Bedroom Rehab releases new EP, ‘Fortunate Some’ by The Day
"There are airplane cockpit systems smaller and less technically complex than Adam Wujtewicz’s pedal board — and don’t touch it! The 18 effects boxes calibrated in the unit are all essential to the sound Wujtewicz claws from his Gibson Firebird bass — which reminds one of a diseased bear roaring in hell. But that monstrous tone and the subsequent, bone-in riffage are just part of the alchemy of the sonic bass/drums duo called Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Wujtewicz, who doubles as the band’s anguish-toned vocalist, is joined by drummer Meghan Killimade, and her relentless percussive onslaught summons visions of plow horses kicking in Bill Ward’s skull. Heavy? Oh, yes. Since they formed in 2008, the New London-based BRC has served as proud acolytes of metal/doom/sludge rock. They’ve carefully grown a New England-wide following and shared bills with national titans such as Weedeater, Clamfight, Ancient Wisdom and Riddle of Steel. In 2013, their debut album, “Red Over Red,” earned BRC numerous Whalie music award nominations and trophies. But, while their sound obviously echoes the legacy of the genre’s past, Killimade and Wujtewicz are not content to simply plod along and follow established trails. The band’s sound has evolved and incorporated the weighty atmospheric-feedback possibilities of acts like Chapterhouse or My Bloody Valentine.This experimentation is particularly evident on “Fortunate Some,” a new four-song EP being released today and celebrated this evening with a listening and performance party at New London’s 33 Golden Street. At 7 p.m., the club sound system will air the recording while folks from Cranston’s Revival Brewing Company offer samples. Live music follows with sets from Faces of Bayon, Blackwolfgoat and Nightbitch — before Bedroom Rehab Corporation takes the stage for a headlining performance. The show and the new recording should resolutely indicate one thing: that BRC is committed to moving the genre into the future. “Fortunate Some” is magnificent in its power, and the quartet of tunes — expansive in their structural blueprints and averaging about seven minutes in length — are as relentless and menacing as a lava flow through a cemetery. “I’ve always tried to create as much sound as I can,” Wujtewicz says. “We’re a heavy band and I love a big riff ... (but) we never want the songs to be completely linear. We’ve started to use extended intros and outros and bridge sections. I enjoy the way music can take you places — and not just necessarily through the lyrics. I do think the songs should have choruses, though, and, doom and gloom or not, I appreciate having something to have people sing along with.” Wait! Did Wutjewicz just allude to melody and hooks? Why, yes! And, if they’re not exactly like Squeeze or Elliot Smith, the refrains in “Riddles of Wind and Time” and “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” will absolutely burrow into your brain and hang around awhile in the grand fashion of Alice in Chains’ “Would” or Ozzy wailing “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” “Trying to blend the melody and cacophony of shoegaze with the riffing and ferocity of sludge has started to become a priority for me,” Wujtewicz says. “I think that, if the vocals are more melodic, it helps to accentuate the mood of the song. Heavy music has a tendency to skip over the vocal hooks or melody and it kills a lot of the emotion that’s present in the music.” Part of this new emphasis comes from the fact that Killimade and Wujtewicz have become so effortlessly empathetic. No matter what fog of sound or gut-slawing bass figures Wujtewicz churns out, it’s perfectly anchored by Killimade’s rhythmic patterns — and check out the EP-closing “The Serpent, The Smiler” for a stunning example of their umbilical connection. “We’d just become more comfortable writing the music, which left more time for me to focus on the vocals. Continually blasting people with screamed or growled vocals only expresses anger and that’s not what this record’s about,” Wujtewicz says. “Vocals, in general, are the only human sound on a rock record. I think that makes it the first thing non-musicians gravitate towards, so putting more work into that aspect seems a good way to hook more people in.” As with “Red Over Red,” Bedroom Rehab recorded “Fortunate Some” at Sonelab in Easthampton with engineer/producer Justin Pizzoferrato. The process involved four 10-hour sessions that encompassed basic tracking, ambient effects overdubs and experimentation, vocals, then mixing. “We had such a good time recording with Justin for ‘Red Over Red’ and we were so happy with the results that we thought the only logical thing to do was go back and explore the relationship further.” Wujtewicz says. The whole experience was so efficient and successful, he adds, that the three of them spent a lot of time talking about records they’d been listening to and the whiskey they’d been trying. “Justin has really become a good friend and getting to work with him and hang out for a week was a privilege,” Wujtewicz says. Now that “Fortunate Some” will be unleashed to the public, Bedroom Rehab Corporation will do the best they can to build their audience through any means necessary. In addition to touring, they’ve released an evocative and brooding promotional video for “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer.” “You have to expand your reach as much as you’re able,” Wujtewicz says. “There is so much to learn from other places and bands and fans.” He points to the courtesy of bands from other areas that welcome BRC when they visit new towns — and says, in turn, that BRC always try to return the courtesy when they book a hometown show. “There’s a very large community of independent musicians out there doing very similar things to what we’re doing. We want to make sure we get back to places that have already supported and embraced us, but we want to make sure we go tell people who have never heard of us the good news of BRC, as well.”
- Rick Koster, The Day (October 3, 2015)

Metal Insider review of Fortunate Some:
"Somewhere between the smoke-filled halls of doom metal and the riotous backyard party of noise rock lives Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Made up of only drums and bass this two-piece creates a sound thicker and meatier than most five-piece bands can muster. Bassist, Adam Wujtewicz, employs a veritable army of peddles and effects that allow his bass sound/lines to take walks into the darkness and down to the Blues-tinged crossroads where most doom bands tend to sell their souls to Black Sabbath and the like. Drummer, Meghan Killimade, consistently lays down the load-bearing foundation in which Wujtewicz is able to build grand palaces in honor of fuzzed out riffs. Bedroom Rehab  Corporation is set to independently release their new four-song EP, Fortunate Some, and for fans of their debut album, 2013’s Red Over Red, there’s a lot to like here. The crown jewel of this beast is the track “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” which really showcases this band’s ability to write head-bobbing, catchy-as-hell, doom metal. It’s the type of track you’ll be singing the chorus to for hours on end and would be worth the purchase as a stand alone track, yet luckily we are gifted three other worthy additions. Fortunate Some hits the streets on vinyl only beginning October 3. You can listen to the aforementioned “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” at the Bedroom Rehab Corporation Bandcamp page".
- Chip McCabe, Metalinsider (October 2, 2015)

Bedroom EP Party (Release Party Mention) in The Day:
"Bedroom Rehab Corporation, the bass/drums duo whose sonic experiments might be though of as the soundtrack to an all-five-senses film in which Ingmar Bergman, Clayton Burgess and Sylvia Plath settled down at a brew pub on a storm-battered night to chase shots of boat-motor oil with hearty porters. Ever wish you could be invited to such an event? Let's go one better. Bedroom Rehab Corporation head lines Saturday at 33 Golden Street in New London - and the occasion is the release of their brand new EP, the epic and darkly visionary 'Fortunate Some'. Cranston's Revival Brewing will show up to dispense beer during an advance spin of the record at 7pm. Later, in addition to the BRC performance, live music also includes sets from Faces of Bayon, Blackwolfgoat and Nightbitch.
- Rick Koster, The Day (October 1, 2015)

Alternative Control Review of Fortunate Some:
"Fortunate Some isn’t a complete departure from the band’s previous sound, but it’s fuzzier in tone and more brooding and atmospheric in structure.  The song lengths reflect this new exploration; while Red Over Red’s songs hovered in the four-minute area, the shortest on Fortunate Some is nearly six minutes. The danger in doom is that songs go on and on and on, and everybody goes outside for a beer and stays there.  But I’ll bet BRC doesn’t have that problem at their shows — Wujtewicz and Killimade keep it interesting by alternating eerie softness and ambient noise with thunderous builds that propel the music forward.  The single “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” is a perfect example of this."
- Jessie May, Alternative Control (September 28, 2015)

Post Mortem Live Review from Geno's set Nov 28, 2014:
Big noise comes from small packages. That was the apparent theme Friday when trio Swarmlord and duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation took the stage for impressive sets of massive sounds.
Perhaps for the first time ever, Geno’s compact, matter-of-fact stage seemed like a wide expanse of negative space, especially when inhabited by the two members of Connecticut doom outfit Bedroom Rehab Corp. BRC is one of the gutsiest bands in the land. Whereas bass and drums are generally a starting point — a workmanlike foundation upon which decorative things are built — drummer Meghan Killimade and bassist/singer Adam Wujtewicz saw an end product. This would be a foolhardy venture for almost anyone else, but Killimade and Wujtewicz have the raw power and fearlessness to pull it off in grand style, filling the negative space with spectacle and flawless rhythm. Both Swarmlord and BRC stood in stark contrast to the Black Friday setting, proving the adage that less is more.
- Ben McCanna, Post Mortem (Nov 29, 2014)

The Obelisk Live Review from Ralph's Oct 18, 2014:
"I wondered if it had been a month since the last time I saw Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation while bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade set up their gear. Yes, it had — just over a month, in fact. Still close enough that they were fresh on the brain, though. Their set had a couple new songs to go with “Basilosaurus” from their Red over Red debut long-player (review here). They’ll record in January, and I’ll look forward to what comes out of that for 2015, but the primary impression in watching them at Ralph’s, which is also where I first saw them over the summer, was much the same, in how completely their live show outclasses their studio material. They’ve got their work cut out for them in translating the energy they bring to the stage — the consuming, noisy sensibility in both of their approaches, the variety of tone and gruff vocals of Wujtewicz — but Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed the debut, should be able to capture it with the right balance of rawness and clarity. At Ralph’s, they were playing the second night of an NY/MA weekender with Clamfight and Wizard Eye, and it was clear the company they were keeping was pushing them to give it their all on stage".
- JJ Koczan, The Obelisk (October 20, 2014)

The Obelisk Live Review from O'Brien's set Sept 12, 2014:
"Speaking of good bands getting better, the night also re-confirmed for me how far ahead of their 2013 debut, Red over Red, are bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade of Bedroom Rehab Corporation. After seeing them for the first time earlier this summer, this was already apparent, but no less so in Allston, the New London, CT, twosome engaging in varying doomly methods, Melvins-style crunch and a bit of noise punk to boot, the gruff shouts of Wujtewicz adding a sense of burl to the set. He announced their intention to record with Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed Red over Red as well as past and upcoming efforts from Elder and many others, in the coming months, and though they’ve worked together before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Bedroom Rehab Corporation is a much different affair than was the first. They seem to be in the process of discovering their sound and that only makes watching them play, even the older material with its seafaring thematic — New London is on the no-less-ambitiously-named Thames River, and is a town with a port history — more enjoyable."
- JJ Koczan, The Obelisk (September 15, 2014)

Heavy Planet's Reader Takeover / John Fadden from Boston's Ichabod:
"2 words: Awe Inspiring. Adam [bass/vocals] & Meghan [drums] have an undeniable chemistry and put on a live show that rivals any 5pc. dual gtr. riff fest on the planet. Adam's brooding stage presence compliments Meghan's bombastic and passionate drumming perfectly. Their songs are heavy on hooks, flawless execution, & fuzz. They are a lethal duo who I assume won't be a band that goes unrecognized nationally for very much longer."
-John Fadden, Heavy Planet (July 8, 2014)

CD Review of Red Over Red:
"Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation enter the fray as another two-piece drum and bass combo, combining the rambunctious flavor of Big Business’ Here Come the Waterworks with rockier stoner infused doom. Their debut full length, the nautically themed Red Over Red, is an excellent first outing, rich with hearty riffs and deep sinking hooks. The sea faring theme of the album dominates the lyrics while moments of gull-baiting noise and a bloopy aquatic bass tone add a bit of atmosphere to an otherwise straightforward affair. It’s a fine debut and one of the most infectious I’ve heard in some time.Proper tone is absolutely crucial when you only have one instrument filling a role normally reserved for two or more musicians. Bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz fills the void with an impeccable bass tone, stout and burly, excellently rendered by crisp production. Wujtewicz lays thick driving riffs and modulates his voice between a clean vocal style, something closer to a shout, and a hoarse scream. The arrangements are relatively simple and highlight the contrasting moments of heady grooves and sedate punctuation. Wujtewicz occasionally reaches in to a grab bag of pedal effects to fold in additional layers of noise, but for the most part is content to keep things simple and riff oriented. The other half of the equation is drummer Megan Killimade, who ably grounds the riffs and provides Red Over Red’s dynamic backbone. She locks her bass and snare to Wujtewicz’s rumbling swerve and uses quick tumbles across the snare and toms for transitions. Though initial impressions ring the Big Business bell, Bedroom Rehab Corporation hew fairly close to the modern stoner rock milieu. There’s straightforward up-tempo stoner rock moments (“Basilosaurus” and “Captain Damnit”) and a few moodier pieces built on grooves (“Gone by the Boards”). The stock ingredients may be familiar but the two piece approach, the bass-forward production, and the obvious chemistry between Killimade and Wujtewicz put Red Over Red above much of the unwashed stoner rock masses. There’s a good deal of variety in their approach and they have some nice incorporations of noise here and there. Bedroom Rehab Corporation have put together a solid piece of doom influenced stoner rock, one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. There’s not a whole lot that’s new here, but the two piece drum and bass approach and the overall racket they produce is different enough to be intriguing. There’s a lot of potential in Red Over Red, and perhaps with more expansive and integrated use of noise and effects they could be on to something genuinely unique."
- Chuck Kucher, Teeth of the Divine (June 27, 2014)

The Obelisk Live Review from Ralph's Diner set June 12, 2014:
"Connecticut duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation followed. I recalled the work of bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade from their 2013 full-length Red Over Red (review here), and I had been impressed last year with the variety the duo brought to their recorded output, but frankly, I was caught off guard by how cohesive and commanding they were live. In front of Wujtewicz on stage was a sprawling pedal array that turned his bass — pumped through an Orange Terror Bass head; those things are adorable — into a fuzzed-out echo buzzsaw or a wash of noisy feedback, and the set was impeccably constructed for maximum impact. His dynamic with Killimade impressed, and both players impressed individually as well, Killimade singing along with the songs as she stomped her way through them. Their grooving instrumental “All Hands” made an excellent centerpiece before the more brooding “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” and the starts and stops in “No Payment for the Boatman” only underscored how much more tonally creative and full-sounding Bedroom Rehab Corporation were, Wujtewicz showboating a bit on vocals but selling it well. There was a point at which I had to step back and tell myself that if they keep going the way they are in five years they’ll be completely unfuckwithable. Flourishes of Melvins-style weirdness that didn’t come through on the record made them seem all the more volatile, and that only worked in their favor. They’ll play Boston in the fall as well and I expect I’ll look forward to seeing them again."
- JJ. Koczan, The Obelisk (June 13, 2014)

Review of Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s Red Over Red:
"While Wujtewicz uses pedals to create many varied tones, the main one on this album is big, fuzzy distortion that mimics the sound of 90s grunge guitar.  The arrangements are sparse by necessity, but the songs never feel empty.  In fact, the vocal delivery and bluesy, driving riffs remind me of a stripped-down version of Clutch.  My favorite tracks in addition to “S.S. Hangover” are “Pilot Fish” and the instrumental “All Hands.”
- Jessica May, Alternative Control (March 16, 2014)

Nuclear Dog's Atomic List - Favorite LPs of 2013:
5. Bedroom Rehab Corporation - "Red Over Red"
"Another twosome consisting of drum and bass. Incredible. Incredible that this toothsome twosome from New London, Connecticut can make such phenomenally massive music. Released very early in the year it has hung around the entire twelve months getting spin time on my iPod and in my car due to the gargantuan, mammoth riffs created by the lone stringed instrument as well as the energetic, forceful drumwork that by default joins center stage, executing a dance sublime from this duet of fuzz."
- Ken "Nuclear Dog" Elliot, Heavy Planet (January 11, 2014)

Review of I AM Festival set:
"Bedroom Rehab went on in New London around 3:00 and they totally killed it, I know that's something people say about bands all the time -- "they totally killed it" -- but in this case it's fucking real, jack. I watched people walking into the place and then slowly inching forward, like "what the heck is this, this is amazing", including a group of metalheads who finally just said "fuckit" and went up front, howling and throwing devil-horns in the air and headbanging like maniacs. This is true, I'm not making this up. Adam and Meghan are both hugely charismatic performers, Meghan maybe even the most out of the two even though she's seated behind a drum kit the whole time, and this was another one of those Bedroom Rehab sets where the crowd starts off kinda medium-warm and then by the end everyone is going nuts."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas, One Base on an Overthrow (September 7, 2013)

The Obelisk Radio Add of the Week: Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Red Over Red
"The twosome’s self-released full-length debut, Red over Red, offers a more sonically diverse attack, far less beholden to genre and more driven by a nascent, still-coalescing individualized sensibility.Take, for example, “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” as it departs from the full-toned heavy rock push of the preceding “Basilosaurus” in favor of an ambient, wandering build that only gives some hint of the kick-in to come for how held together it is by drummer Meghan Killimade. Joined in the band by bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz, Killimade proves no less able than her counterpart to affect a change in atmosphere across the course of the album. Whether it’s the repurposed Zeppelin stomp of “Caught in the Bite”‘s open-room feel or the ’90s-style crunch of the subsequent “Splice the Main Brace,” Red over Red works in a vaster array of colors than its title might indicate."
- JJ, The Obelisk (June 5, 2013)


"...songs such as #7 "Gone by the Boards" and #9 "Pilot Fish" lure the listener in with a mellow introduction only to grunge it out with a scornful proliferation. "Pilot Fish" encompasses everything that BRC does well; the prolific story-telling, a somber introduction, a solid foundational beat, their signature sound and finally their unique delivery. I believe rock enthusiats will be pleased with this CD".
- Brian Josephson, Sound Waves Magazine (May 1, 2013)

"That's it. A bass guitar and drums, and Adam's vocals. But make no mistake they make it work . . . hell, more than work, they have made some crazy incredible stoner psyche rock. I can't profess to know much about how to make music, only how to listen to it, so the methods Adam uses to make his bass sing in such a unique and thoroughly satisfyingly fuzzy way without sounding much like traditional bass is beyond me in terms of technical comprehension. The professional explanation is that Adam uses pedal effects, which I must take on faith. It doesn't really matter to me, although it might very well to you because whatever he's doing with just a bass guitar is incredibly phenomenal. It belies description. It goes beyond the fact the music sounds differently than the normal rock arrangements. The point is the sound these two create is beautiful, powerful, singular, astonishing, deeply effective, poignant, and incredibly beautiful. We live for down low, this is true, but I think we also live for songs that strike an inner primal chord deep within that brings spiritual satisfaction due to some sort of universal, cosmic harmony with every molecule within and without, inherent and far flung, simultaneous and asynchronous. The best song writers, regardless of style, innately know how to do that. Add Adam Wujtewicz to the list of 'best song writers'."
- Heavy Planet (April 6, 2013)

"If Death from Above 1979 played the blues and sang a lot less about sex, you'd get something similar to what Bedroom Rehab Corporation are doing on Red Over Red. The duo of Adam Wujewicz (bass, vocals, and pedals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) are like any other drum and bass band in that they are only a drummer and a bassist, but any other similarities end there. This is not the tear up the dancefloor drum 'n' bass of Pendulum; this is more like early Isis heaviness meets Death from Above's fuzzed-out riffs. The inner sleeve of the CD emphatically states: "THERE ARE NO GUITARS OR KEYBOARDS ON THIS ALBUM," the obvious inference of which is that many have confused BRC's low-end heavy sonic with the guitar stylings of innumerable sludge and doom bands. This is where BRC have a leg up stylistically; the opening seconds of "S.S. Hangover (Sobering Sickness)" do for a moment sound like a deeply distorted Les Paul, but Wujewicz has a clear command of his instrument and the pedals he runs it through. His tendency for blues-like riffs and scales is a nice throwback to the classic heavy metal of Black Sabbath. Likewise, Killimade's drumming—though at times underproduced compared to the bass—is a powerful complement to this music. Suffice it to say that if you have subwoofers and this is the album in the stereo, your whole house will be rumbling"
- Brice Ezell, Sea of Tranquility (March 26, 2013)

"One thing which bluffs me with this type of band is the incredible space that a guy can fill-up with just his bass and Adam is not an exception, he brings to the table so many big riffs and different sounds with a large range of pedal effects delivering distortion, feedback and noise. Meghan is never in rest on drums and hold the beat substantially; partners in everyday life, their natural complicity is often underlying and is undoubtedly a real asset for the band. All is perfectly valued by a faultless production - by Justin Pizzoferrato who worked with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Black Pyramid. The duo definitely already go their own way and are damn potent at it; especially for a 1st album, such diversity and audacity deserve much respect and attention!"
 - StephLS, Temple of Perdition (March 11, 2013)

One Base on an Overthrow: Red Over Red is "friggin' hot"

I totally missed out on seeing Bedroom Rehab Corporation last night, walking through the door at Cafe Nine at 9:40 just as Adam was saying "thanks alot guys, Stone Titan are up next". I mean, when has a show at Cafe Nine ever started before ten?? *grumble grumble* Even though I missed Bedroom Rehab, I did score a copy of their new "Red Over Red" CD, which is not only friggin' hot -- I mean, seriously, the recording came out sounding huge and totally amazing -- but EVERYTHING about the CD looks sharp as hell. They really hit a home run with this one, plus it's being pressed to vinyl right now, and that includes a small handful of copies which'll be on clear red vinyl, which is bound to look incredible. I've posted a couple of my favorite tracks from the album down at the bottom of this post, check 'em out and then go pick up a copy for yourself. No doubt the LP will be on my year-end best-of list, you know, the one that nobody reads or anything.

Dissident Aggression: Fuzzed Out With Bedroom Rehab Corporation
parts of this article have been used from a previous review by same author)
-Chip McCabe, Metal, (January 31, 2013)

Album of the Day 1/18/13: Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Red Over Red
I don't normally read band bios prior to listening to an album.  I do this because I don't want any preconceived notions about a band or their music before I have a chance to formulate that all-important first impression.  So sometimes I'm a little surprised when I read something in a bio that doesn't jive with what I'm hearing.  You know, like when a bio points out that there are zero guitars or keyboards used on an album that is heavy as hell.Now I was aware that New London's Bedroom Rehab Corporation were a two piece outfit focusing on drums and bass.  I knew that bassist extraordinaire Adam Wujtewicz was a master of the multi-pedal distortion that could manipulate sound in unique ways.  What I was not prepared for was to hear a full album that is equal parts ambient stoner rock and battering ram styled noise rock and there not be one single damn guitar on the record.  I don't think it can be understated that what Wutjewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade have done is to create an album as heavy and pummeling as a full on five-piece band with just the two of them and lots of distortion. Red Over Red is, as the band puts it, "a paranormal seafaring concept record".  It's funny though what images certain styles of music can conjure up for the listener.  Maybe it's because a lot of their sound reminds me of all the great stoner rock bands of the 90's who came lumbering out of the deserts of Southern California - Kyuss, Nebula and Fu Manchu for example - but when I listen to this record I'm seeing dark, starry desert nights where the only living creatures are the ones who can survive in a veritable apocalyptic wasteland.  The ocean and the desert have a lot in common.  They are both powerful, harsh and inhospitable, yet equally filled with beauty and mystery.  That's a pretty apt description for Bedroom Rehab Corporation as well.  Fans of bands such as Clutch, Melvins, Old Man Gloom and the aforementioned stoner rock outfits will find a lot to love on this record.
- Chip McCabe,, (January 18, 2013  

Take a Listen: Bedroom Rehab Corporation hosts a CD listening party:

If Carnival Season can last six weeks through Mardi Gras, who can blame Bedroom Rehab Corporation for stretching the celebration of their new "Red Over Red" CD over a few weeks? Technically, what that means is that the band's Adam Wujtewicz (bass treatments/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) will host a listening party from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight at the Telegraph in New London. There will be no official "album release" parties, per se, but BRC are playing big New London shows Friday at the El 'n' Gee Club and on Saturday, Jan. 26, in the Crocker House Ballroom as part of the Hygienic Rock Fix. "Red Over Red" is a dark, brutal groove of a record produced with brilliant empathy by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth), and methinks you'll like it a lot.

-Rick Koster, The Day, (January 17, 2013)

Feature Interview with Bedroom Rehab Corporation
Meghan Killimade and Adam Wujtewicz are not only one of the coolest couples out there; they also make up the hard-hitting, rock-heavy duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Fronted by Adam on bass and vocals, he is joined by his long-time girlfriend Meghan on drums. Both are talented musicians who have played in a plethora of local bands over the years, and also avid supporters of the New London music scene; running the online zine What? That’s this site, you say? Yeah, and that is why they were both hesitant to talk about themselves and their own project with me. But after a little (a lot of) harassment, pleading, and threatening they finally agreed to an interview and found some time away from their busy lives to talk about BRC, they’re debut album Red Over Red, and our little scene... read more here:
-Corrine Jensen, (January 16, 2013)

Review of Red Over Red
Here comes another great release from The Telegraph Recording Company out of New London. “Red Over Red” is the debut album from doom, sludge, grunge, and just pure rock ‘n’ rollers, Bedroom Rehab Corporation. This duo proves that a solid rhythm section is all you really need. “Red Over Red”  starts out as a dark and eery Godspeed You Black Emperor style song with the all instrumental track “Low Tide,” but don’t let that fool you. After a groovy “S.S. hangover” the band blasts into “Basilosaurus” with a quick snare hit and a thumping bass that would make any Alice in Chains fan drop to his or her knees. “S.O.S. (Son Of Siren)” brings it down a notch to give the assault on your ears a rest but only for a moment. The song ends with a solid bass line that leads into “All Hands” with its thunderous drum beat and its slight hardcore breakdowns. That brings it right into the most punk song on the record, “Captain Damnit,” that sees Bassist/Vocalist Adam Wujtewicz releasing that angry youth that hides inside. “Gone By The Boards” has BRC in their groove. You could never tell that this band is just 2 members. This song is like speeding down the highway while you have the world by the balls and nothing can stop you. It doesn’t stop there. “No Payment for the Boatman” will keep you going and your fist pumping, or head bopping all the way through the thrashy section that will make you wanna crash into a wall it’s so good.. The two songs go very well together on an album in which the production is flawless. “Pilot Fish” leads into what feels like drummer Meghan Killimade at her best in “Caught In The Bite” who holds the beat down before the band breaks into something that sounds like a Refused song, which is always a good thing! “Splice The Main Brace” I feel is the “pop” song on the record, which is also a good thing. With a great beat and solid bass I can see this being a radio hit. “Red Over Red” ends with “High Tide,” another instrumental track that brings it back to that ambient Godspeed You Black Emperor style and finally puts you at ease after having your butt - and ears - kicked for 45 minutes. Produced by Justin Pizzoferrato who has worked with such heavy hitters as Dinosaur Jr., Black Pyramid, & Sonic Youth, you can see why BRC set out to work with him. The record has a tremendous sound. I know it’s early in the year but this album should be on people’s top 5 of 2013 list in 11 months.
- Jeffrey Thunders, Die Hipster! Records - New Haven, (January 15, 2013)

Setting Sail: Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s nautical song cycle
With a fantastical story arc that beautifully incorporates elements of the sea and its tradition of ghostly yarns, the atmospheric but dinosaur-stomp-heavy duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation has completed their new CD, "Red Over Red." A song-cycle that seems at times almost spookily ambient and, at others, like the delicious soundtrack to a Black Mass, the album is a triumph of energy, visceral mood and monstrously good tunes. Veterans of the e'er evolving and fruitful rock scene, Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Adam Wujtewicz (bass treatments/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) - hooked up with noted producer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth), and the result is even at this early date an odds-on choice for those distant year-end Best Of lists. Wujtewicz answered five questions about the new record.... read more here:
-Rick Koster, The Day (January 15, 2013)

Turn It Up: Triple-bill rocks 33 in New London
"Normally, the idea of melting one's ears as though they were Yankee Candles doesn't seem all that much fun. Consider, though, a triple-bill Saturday at 33 in New London when the emphasis will be on Big Volume in all its sludgy, energized power and glory.Along with the cinematic-doomscapes of New London's Bedroom Rehab Corporation and the regurgitant punk-metal of East Lyme's Flesh Hammer, experience a band called Problem With Dragons. They're from Easthampton, Mass., and they gloriously sound like the musical equivalent of the British Petroleum oil-spill. Oh, and put out your ears. They're melting."
- Rick Koster, The Day (August 16, 2012

Grab An Oar And Start Rowing "Bedroom Rehab level the f*** out of the place and leave a big old footprint in the middle of the floor for the next band that wants to come along and try it. Seriously, Bedroom Rehab are pretty much seamless-- Meghan is the perfect rock drummer, while Adam pulls some horrendously bad-ass sounds out of his bass non-stop-- so when they play, they aren't so much a band as they are a conquering army."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (July 23, 2012)

"The sounds produced between the pair is just exactly what each moment seems to call for, it's an obvious synergy of talent and mutual understanding, and the result is a battered, decaying wall of sound, that Adam and Meghan are standing confidently on, throwing loose bricks at your head."
- Christian Dyer, show-goer / reviewer (April 21, 2012)

Bedroom Rehab Corporation's Sobering Tale

"Bedroom Rehab Corporation blast through with the power of a Force-5 hurricane. They take DNA samples from punk, metal and stoner rock, splice it with intriguing lyrical concepts, and take flight in unique fashion.For one thing, instead of a guitar/drums format, Killimade's carpet-bombs percussion is augmented by Wujtewicz's prowess on four-string bass. His mastery and creativity with a multi-effects pedal board is such, though, that the tonal possibilities far exceed the standard rhythm section construct - and this is a loud, howling and, at surprising and effective points in the course of an evening's set, almost delicate combination."
[This is a full feature article, read more at the link below]
- Rick Koster & Peter Huoppi, The Day (March 9, 2012)

The Pack A.D. and Bedroom Rehab Corporation are on the bill at Oasis
"The two-person rock band construct, most associated with the White Stripes and the Black Keyes, actually has its roots in Simon & Garfunkel.Hard to believe, but before they became known for their cooing folk harmonies as per "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme," S&G were much more abrasive and experimental. Art the Garf played baritone sax harmolodics, and Paul Simon shredded pre-Yngwie metal on a lute through a stack of Marshalls!In that spirit of gloriously noisy garage anarchy, consider a fine show Sunday in New London's Oasis Pub. Headlining is Vancouver's the Pack A.D., on an international tour behind their latest Mint Records release, "Unpersons." Our own Bedroom Rehab Corporation, boasting Meghan Killimade's nuclear-fission drums and Adam Wujtewicz's molten-lava bass, are also slotted. Wisconsin's Black Cat opens. This is a great way to NOT go gently into Sunday night."
- Rick Koster, The Day (March 8, 2012)

Bedroom Rehab Corporation's got a recipe for success
"If John Wetton loaned his "Starless and Bible Black"-era bass tone to Adam Wujtewicz, who in turn placed it carefully in a guacamole bowl and pureed it with Geezer Butler's brain, you'd have the principal sound and fury of the New London duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation.Underpin this recipe with the lean but molten, always-in-the-pocket drums of Meghan Killimade, then dry rub with some funny lyrical concepts reminiscent of Fear - "S.S. Hangover" being a particularly appropriate anthem. Finally, place Wujtewicz in front of a mic to roar in leonine fashion, and the whole thing distills into gleeful and sardonic, two-minute bursts of musical anarchy."
- Rick Koster, The Day (December 8, 2011)

"The new Bedroom Rehab Corporation song is a total monster, their best song yet. I think I've said it before-- or tried to, anyway-- that Bedroom Rehab's best riffs sound like either Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" or "Into The Void", and this is another one of those. So track down "The Long Hundred" or somehow get your hands on the Bedroom Rehab CosmoSingle-- the cover's solid white except for "..don't expect too much.." written across it in plain black letters, pretty hysterical-- because this one's a hit, at least in some other universe."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (Feb 14, 2011)

"Bedroom Rehab Corporation started the night off right with a power set to celebrate the release of their new EP. The early birds were loving this set, with the phrase "best two-piece in New London" being thrown around like Blagojevich in the media! Be sure to pick up a copy of the homemade EP, which features artwork by our friend Roberta Sulls!"
- Oasis Blog, Oasis Blog (Apr 11, 2009)

"Every Bedroom Rehab song is like the best Kiss/Blue Öyster Cult riff you've ever heard, only on a thunderously distorted bass this time, with lyrics that would be spooky-dumb if they weren't so friggin' funny."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (Apr 12, 2009)

"No doubt about it, Bedroom Rehab are BAD ASS, and I'll keep saying that until someone makes it into a t-shirt or something. "
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (Feb 10, 2009)

"Meghan's a great drummer, Adam makes cool Godzilla noises on his bass, and while I was watching them I was thinking that Bedroom Rehab sound almost like a guitarless version of Murdervan, if that helps you at all."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (Feb 10, 2009)

"One of their songs, "Tough Nut To Crack", has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it about eight months ago... it's friggin' BAD-ASS."
- Dave "Brushback" Zukauskas , One Base on an Overthrow (Jan 04, 2009)

Our debut show March 2008 at Backstage Rock Bar - Groton, CT
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