Fortunate Some

Riddles of Wind and Time

All things
It devours
Birds, beasts
Trees, flowers
Gnaws iron
Bites steel
Grinds stones
Into meal

Voiceless cries
Wingless flutters
Toothless bites
Mouthless mutters

Slays king
Ruins town
beats high
Mountain down
Carries solders
Across seas
Feeds fires
Plants seeds

When All You've Got is a Hammer

It’s a long walk home
With all these stones in my shoes
Just another drone
Only one tool to use

When all you’ve got is a Hammer
It becomes all you need
All I’ve got is this Hammer
Everything looks like nails to me

Peace can be hard to find
With everything that’s at stake
Not enough whiskey or time
Nails may bend but I only break

We could have been given swords
Riffles bullets and the like
Pull them out with our claws
But at their heads we will strike

Giants in the Ice

Sleeping titans under miles of cold
With their beasts of lore
Axes, hammers and a throne of gold
Left unused for ever more

There’s no escape
From this icy fate
Winters cage
Your resting place

Clearing roads and crossing rivers wide
Blazing fires light their camps
The snow does fall in sheets of white
Mountain pass has collapsed

Never made it to Valhalla’s gates
No endless challis filled with mead
No bloody battles are forever waged
Icy graves so deep beneath

The Serpent the Smiler

The Eyes that lie
There's hate inside
for human kind
and truth he hides

See Through
Through you

Slither around
along the ground
it's coming down
upon us now

Need truth
To bleed you

You live so clean
on TV screen
you whore and fiend
behind the scenes

No common man
with gun in hand
for god he stands
in your holy land

Red Over Red 

S.S. Hangover (Sobering Sickness)

Water, water Everywhere
But not a drop to drink
Holes in my plan
Holes in this boat
Enough to make it sink

No one gets out alive
Only rats leave the ship
Grow gills and you’ll survive
With a bottle in your grip

All the whiskey
All the Rum
Both will make you pay
Slept through the morning
Suffered through the sun
Sick throughout the day

Nothin’ left to live for
This boats a floating tomb
There’s no returning to shore
Just hope the end is soon


In the sky telling all too much
Another burned out flag another broken crutch

My Feeling sunk down in my guts
Through my bloody eyes I’ve seen o much

It tore down the mast
Another man dragged to the depths
The ship was split in half
Nothing left but a twisted wreck

Teeth Crushing beam as well as bone
Sending all to hell know one reaching home
Guns And spears couldn’t kill the beast
Couldn’t pierce the hide couldn’t make it bleed

S.O.S. (Son of Siren)

There was this child
In the middle of the void
Speaking so clearly
Offering salvation
Said he could save me
Set everything right
He’d lend me a hand
Let me escape with my life
He said so peaceful
So trustworthy and kind
I was drawn in by the words
Away from what’s mine
The child he grinned
Licked it’s blue lips
His tongue was forked
Hot brand in his fist
Your mine now he screamed
Though rows of sharp teeth
Get into my ship
You’ve so much to see

Captain Damnit

If you’re ready to blow light the match and lets go
All buttoned up soldiers in a row
Can’t find a witness to the crime
Overrated oversimplified

Yes Sir
As you were
Face down
Like the rest of these clowns

Marching order rank and file
Cocaine machinegun, bloodshot eyes
What’s some grey matter between friends
Prize winner, king of dead ends

Can’t see the forest from the trees
On your knees begging please
Kissing ass and dropping names
Waste my air drive me insane

Gone by the Boards

Dragged under the life I chose
Stripped of skin and of pride
Soaked all the way down to my bones
To deep to see the regret for my time

Just another man gone by the boards
Warm euphoria ends, heaven closes its doors

Sullen treasure and sunken men
The murky blue of your mind
Suffocating black of your sin
Tied up and cast over the side

Sink Deep
Drink Deep

No Payment for the Boatman

Take another trip across the river
Worn out slugs on your eyes
Can’t go back and forth forever
Slaves to unfinished lives

Burned at the stake
Hung for your crimes
Quiet in your sleep
Pay me for my time

You gotta give me one more chance
See if I can survive
Hedge my bets see if I’m right
Pull my weight through this night

Burned at the stake
Hung for your crimes
Quiet in your sleep
Pay me for my time

Grab an oar and start rowing
Earn your keep for this ride
Tide is in rivers flowing
Undertow takes its time

Burned at the stake
Hung for your crimes
Quiet in your sleep
Pay me for my time

Pilot Fish

Some men are lost and just need guiding
Some men have blood on their minds
Other men are food for bigger fish
And I’m finding
Those men are swimming against the tide

You need it
I’ll get it
I’m your fixer
V I’ll lead you in
I’ll lay you out

You need it
I’ll get it
I’m your fixer

Be my guest
I’ll sort it out

I’ve seen a ship in every harbor
Never had a port in any storm
I’ve made friends with sharks and men
It gets harder
To tell the two of them apart

For a man to find his way
For a shark to find its prey

Caught in the Bite

Red over red the captain is dead
We’ve run aground
The crushing black and compass cracked
All men can drown
Another time this god of mine
Took me to town
This ship will roll with splintered hull
We’re going down

Give up your catch
No end in site
Torn from the deck
Caught in the bite

Harpoon and net the trap is set
And bait prepared
Of tongue and teeth the monster breathes
And cold stair
Another day of freezing spray
We’re well aware
Eye of the storm, red sky morn
The crew is scared

Splice the Main Brace

Taken in by a silver tongued devil
Made to believe in his sleight of hand
Left alone against the tide here to shovel
Dig deep for the promised land

I chose this life and I’m bound to work it
I’m working on my escape plan
Big payoffs make the bad choices worth it
Or take a deep breath put your head in the sand

Splice the main brace
Double the ration
Overworked and underpaid
We could do with the action

Fire guns and we left them all smoking
Slipped away under dead of night
No one gets hurt not a word is spoken
You’ll save no souls looking for this fight

5 Nights in Jail

Stagger Lee was in a Bar
Stetson hat on his head
Stagger Lee was playing a game of cards
Shot Billy Lyons dead

Billy said Stag was cheatin’
Stag knocked him to his knees
Billy’s no longer breathing
He was killed by stagger lee

Everyone in the place hushed up
Put their liquor down
Stag had been there before
They’d all heard that sound

Stag put away his 45
Looked at the hole in Billy’s head
I couldn’t stand to hear him lie
That’s why I shot him dead



"When All You've Got is a Hammer"
From the new EP 'Fortunate Some' OUT NOW!
Shot, directed & conceptualized by Peter Huoppi. Featuring: Chris Holdridge, Clint Wright & Rich Huoppi.
Live footage filmed on location at 33 Golden Street, New London, CT



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