Thursday, January 8, 2015

Studio Day 3

Day three is in the books. Vocals finished and mixing has begun...

Vocals gave me a bit of a struggle today but I perservered and managed to beat them into submission. Just goes to show that I should probably never book a show before noon cause my vocals will not be ripe just yet. Anyway, after all that was said and done we ended up with some real solid performances. Next came the start of (what I find to be) the ever tedious process of mixing. Thankfully, Justin enjoys the process and he's the one doing most of the work. The good part about mixing is the chance for re-amping and effecting pieces of the performance. Justin rigged up this sweet little amp and pedal contraption to add some heavy. We, of course, found some time while Justin was doing some technical things, to go next door to Abandoned Building Brewery to sample their wares. If you're a beer geek in the Easthampton area check them out, they make a pretty good brew. Fortunate Some is really starting to take shape and tomorrow is our final and perhaps most exciting day. Stayed tuned to see how it all turns out.

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Some pics: