Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Studio Day 2

We are now 20 hours into our 40 hour Sonelab experience. We blazed through the rest of the bass overdubs and let me tell you there is going to be some noisey madness on this record...

I had to play twister at one point; it was all right hand bass, left hand Synth Mangler joystick, right foot wah pedal. Noise can be a complicated thing. I also did some honest to god playing as well. So much playing in fact that we managed to get 65 tracks on one of the songs. We are working very collaboratively with Justin to create some new and intersting textures and more atmosphere on every single tune. Along with the completion of the bass tracks we also managed to run through about 75% of the vocals. We are absolutely flying through our sessions and having a blast doing so. We've got 2 days left and we should be finishing up vocals tomorrow and beginning mixing and experimenting with some studio trickery. Stay tuned!

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Some pics of the day: