Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Studio Day 1

Wow! So day one of recording Fortunate Some at Sonelab was a complete success. It was awesome to have our old pal Justin Pizzoferrato at the helm again...

As we were setting up we couldn't believe it'd been 2 years since we'd worked together on Red Over Red. This dude knows how to make a band feel at home in the studio. He also knows how to make a noise maker like myself smile; by letting me play with extra amps, (including a 1969 Layney, and a Hovercraft Dwarvenaut20), in addition to my usual rig. After Justin mic'd the hell out of everything, (14 mic's alone on Meg's kit), we got right down to it. We managed to track all 5 songs worth of drum tracks and basic bass tracks. Meg beat the hell out of the drums like it was her job today! I mean that is her job in BRC but you understand what I'm getting at. We were able to get the standard bass tracks live along with the drums and even managed to throw in an overdub or two. All three of us worked our asses off today and it really paid off. This record is going to be a showcase of how far we've come in the 2 years. Be prepared folks we're driving even further into our bass and drum wierdo wilderness on Fortunate Some and Justin has got his hand on the throttle.

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Some pics from day 1: