Saturday, November 28, 2015

Video from Telegraph show!

Thanks to Jeff Thunders for taking this sweet video of us from last night's show at The Telegraph!


Monday, September 14, 2015

'Fortunate Some' Release Party Sat Oct 3 @ 33!

Join us as we celebrate the release of our new record 'Fortunate Some' with a double header evening! Vinyl will be for sale all night!

@ 33
33 Golden Street
New London, CT

Listening party
7pm / No Cover / 21+
Have a first listen to the record, socialize and sample beers from
our special guests Revival Brewing Company

10pm / $5 / 21+
with guests:

Faces of Bayon (Fitchburg, MA)
Blackwolfgoat (Boston, MA)
Nightbitch (New Haven, CT)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BRC on Bury the Needle/WCNI

For those of you who may have missed us on Bury the Needle radio show on WCNI 90.9fm with Greg Gates last Saturday - check it out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Video Premiere & Vinyl Preorder Unleashed Today!

We are excited to announce the premiere our music video for our new single "When All You've Got is a Hammer" off our upcoming record 'Fortunate Some' to be released October 3! HUGE thank you to JJ at The Obelisk for premiering and Peter Huoppi who shot, directed and conceptualized the video!

View the premiere article on the Obelisk here:

You can preorder the vinyl here:
(you will receive an immediate download of the single with purchase of preorder)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Video Premiere Tue July 28 on The Obelisk!

We our proud to announce that we will be premiering a music video for our new single "When All You've Got is a Hammer" off of our upcoming release Fortunate Some on this coming Tuesday July 28 on The Obelisk!

Shot, directed and conceptualized by Peter Huoppi, "When All You've Got is a Hammer" is not just a performance video, it is a full story ark that showcases the somber moods and anger represented in the song. Three men who have become their jobs and their tools, work throughout the songs ups and downs. One solace and reward in a passion he has cultivated over the years, while the other two men used up, pushed out and end up at the bottom of a bottle because of a bottom line.

Along with the premiere of the video, we will also be kicking off the vinyl pre order for Fortunate Some the same day on our bandcamp page! You will receive an immediate download of the song "When All You've Got is a Hammer" with purchase of pre order.

The official release date, show & listening party will take place in New London, CT on Saturday October 3, 2015. More details will be announced soon.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Killer show in Easthampton Saturday!

How do you beat the bang-over? With wings, more beer and women's NCAA Bowling Championships, apparently. Yup, had to try the new wing place in town that had 10 billion different TV's ha! Now that you know that, let me tell you how much we love Western Mass. Thank you Promotorhead Entertainment for putting us on this bad-ass bill and always treating us like royalty. Thank you to Give Up!, OXEN and Dead Empires for kicking all the ass! The Platinum Pony were gracious hosts and thanks for the Battle Royale playing behind us, nothing like bloody Japanese cinema and stoner rock.

Now, sit back, crack a beer and check out another bad ass video that our good friend Grim Riley took of "Riddles of Wind and Time" from our upcoming EP Fortunate Some.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Video & Pics from 13th Floor Feb 13

Huge thanks to our friends Tim "Grim" Riley & Suz Manning for shooting this killer video below of one of our new songs "Battering Ram" from the show last Friday night at 13th Floor in Florence, MA!! Also huge thanks to Mike Gillmeister / Rebel Shot Photography for the awesome photos!!!!

View more pics here:

Monday, January 12, 2015

First show of 2015 with Blackout Jan 24 @ 33

Our first show of 2015 will be at 33 in New London on Saturday January 24 with Blackout (Riding Easy Records) from Brooklyn, NY and DJ Rob Vaughn Guess! It's very likely that our next local show after this won't be until our new EP release later this spring, so don't snooze on this show! PLUS you don't want to miss Blackout, they rule!!!! Do it.

Set times:
9:30-10:30 DJ Rob 1st set
10:30-11:15 BRC
11:30-12:30 Blackout
12:30-close DJ Rob 2nd set

The Obelisk shares news of our completed EP!

Thanks to JJ at The Obelisk for sharing our good news that our EP is complete! We are so excited for everyone to hear it. SOON!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Studio Day 4

I couldn't write about day 4 on day 4 because i was driving home and settling back in but as I listened to our reference mixes in my car last night or now on my home stereo I'm starting to realize what we've done. We spent all of day 4 mixing, re-amping and applying effects but mostly listening. When you're crtitically listening like that you don't get to take in the whole picture. Having now had time to do that it is apparent truly how far we have come since Red Over Red. While we still love those songs and that album, Fortunate Some will be more than a step forward... it's a short sprint ahead of Red Over Red. Needless to say Justin is a hugely responsible for this. The notes and suggestions he gave us as well as his ability to mic a room and mix sounds to make them more than a sum of their imputs has made this album so much bigger and better. Not only was he willing to let us get weird when we felt the need but he encouraged it and nutured our weirdness and helped translate it to sound. So thank you Junstin, you have once again made recording an enjoyable and enriching experience. I'm not exactly sure what else to say here. The recording process is complete and mastering wil be taking place in around 3 weeks once again with Carl Saff. We still have to figure out art and things so don't hold your breath but rest assured we are going to continue to work to get this album out to you. Be prepared for weirdness and some singing and a whole bunch of heavy and did I mention weirdness? Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for more updates as they happen.
Some pics:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Studio Day 3

Day three is in the books. Vocals finished and mixing has begun...

Vocals gave me a bit of a struggle today but I perservered and managed to beat them into submission. Just goes to show that I should probably never book a show before noon cause my vocals will not be ripe just yet. Anyway, after all that was said and done we ended up with some real solid performances. Next came the start of (what I find to be) the ever tedious process of mixing. Thankfully, Justin enjoys the process and he's the one doing most of the work. The good part about mixing is the chance for re-amping and effecting pieces of the performance. Justin rigged up this sweet little amp and pedal contraption to add some heavy. We, of course, found some time while Justin was doing some technical things, to go next door to Abandoned Building Brewery to sample their wares. If you're a beer geek in the Easthampton area check them out, they make a pretty good brew. Fortunate Some is really starting to take shape and tomorrow is our final and perhaps most exciting day. Stayed tuned to see how it all turns out.

Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for more pics (and short video clips) from the studio! @bedroomrehabcorporation in the app or go to

Some pics: 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Studio Day 2

We are now 20 hours into our 40 hour Sonelab experience. We blazed through the rest of the bass overdubs and let me tell you there is going to be some noisey madness on this record...

I had to play twister at one point; it was all right hand bass, left hand Synth Mangler joystick, right foot wah pedal. Noise can be a complicated thing. I also did some honest to god playing as well. So much playing in fact that we managed to get 65 tracks on one of the songs. We are working very collaboratively with Justin to create some new and intersting textures and more atmosphere on every single tune. Along with the completion of the bass tracks we also managed to run through about 75% of the vocals. We are absolutely flying through our sessions and having a blast doing so. We've got 2 days left and we should be finishing up vocals tomorrow and beginning mixing and experimenting with some studio trickery. Stay tuned!

Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for more pics (and short video clips) from the studio! @bedroomrehabcorporation in the app or go to

Some pics of the day:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Studio Day 1

Wow! So day one of recording Fortunate Some at Sonelab was a complete success. It was awesome to have our old pal Justin Pizzoferrato at the helm again...

As we were setting up we couldn't believe it'd been 2 years since we'd worked together on Red Over Red. This dude knows how to make a band feel at home in the studio. He also knows how to make a noise maker like myself smile; by letting me play with extra amps, (including a 1969 Layney, and a Hovercraft Dwarvenaut20), in addition to my usual rig. After Justin mic'd the hell out of everything, (14 mic's alone on Meg's kit), we got right down to it. We managed to track all 5 songs worth of drum tracks and basic bass tracks. Meg beat the hell out of the drums like it was her job today! I mean that is her job in BRC but you understand what I'm getting at. We were able to get the standard bass tracks live along with the drums and even managed to throw in an overdub or two. All three of us worked our asses off today and it really paid off. This record is going to be a showcase of how far we've come in the 2 years. Be prepared folks we're driving even further into our bass and drum wierdo wilderness on Fortunate Some and Justin has got his hand on the throttle.

Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for more pics (and short video clips) from the studio! @bedroomrehabcorporation in the app or go to

Some pics from day 1:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back in the studio!

The time is almost upon us! We are going to be recording our new EP Fortunate Some  (and one more song) at Sonelab this Tuesday through Friday. Once again our buddy and all around audio wizard Justin Pizzoferrato will be engineering and co-producing the album with us. All parties involved are super excited to get underway. We hope you're excited too! For a little more instant gratification check out pics of the experience on our Instagram account (where there will be plenty of pics of me tweaking knobs, Meg smashing stuff - mostly drums, and me with my mouth wide open screaming about stuff). I'll also be running down the days events (in text form) right here on our website. WE CAN'T WAIT!  - Adam