Monday, December 1, 2014

Post Mortem Live Review from Geno's set Nov 28, 2014

HUGE thanks to Nick Marquis & Swarmlord for inviting us up to rock at Geno's Rock Club this past weekend in Portland, Maine! It was truly a proper way to end our year of live shows, so thanks to everyone who came out and rocked with us! We saw some old friends and met some new ones! Portland NEVER disappoints!

Thanks also to Ben McCanna from Post Mortem for the awesome shots and kind words!

"Big noise comes from small packages. That was the apparent theme Friday when trio Swarmlord and duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation took the stage for impressive sets of massive sounds.
Perhaps for the first time ever, Geno’s compact, matter-of-fact stage seemed like a wide expanse of negative space, especially when inhabited by the two members of Connecticut doom outfit Bedroom Rehab Corp. BRC is one of the gutsiest bands in the land. Whereas bass and drums are generally a starting point — a workmanlike foundation upon which decorative things are built — drummer Meghan Killimade and bassist/singer Adam Wujtewicz saw an end product. This would be a foolhardy venture for almost anyone else, but Killimade and Wujtewicz have the raw power and fearlessness to pull it off in grand style, filling the negative space with spectacle and flawless rhythm. Both Swarmlord and BRC stood in stark contrast to the Black Friday setting, proving the adage that less is more".