Monday, October 20, 2014

Killer weekend with Clamfight & Wizard Eye!

Wow! That was a weekend well spent! We can not thank our cuddly-bears in Clamfight enough for having us along for all the sweaty and some of the smelly merriment. We must do this again soon, we miss you already. We'd also like to send a big howdy-do to our new buddies and fellow fuzz-lovers Wizard Eye. It was great to meet you chaps and hopefully we see you soon as well. Big thanks are also in order for Gaggle Of Cocks, Conclave and Faces of Bayon; you guys are all expert riff slingers and gracious hosts so cheers to you. All that heavy in 2 days rattled our brains a little for sure.

If you were there rocking out with us at The Anchor Friday night or Ralphs Rock Diner Saturday night then thank you for the warm welcome and sweaty hugs! If you were not there then here is a taste of what went down at Ralph's Saturday night and a taste of "Giants in the Ice", a song that will be on our EP that we will be recording in January... ("Gone by the Boards" is first in the video). Thanks to Mark Goslin for taking this video, we owe you a beer sir! Enjoy and beware the otters...

Some pics:

Photo by Krista Van Guilder

Photo by Cheryl Miles

Photo by Kenneth MacKay

Photo by Clamfight