Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer Shows!

We have 2 more shows coming up before we take a few weeks off to nail down the songs for our new album and work on demoing it all. Oh you weren't aware? Yes we will be heading back to Sonelab in January to record an EP with the same super-genius and all-around-cool-dude Justin Pizzoferrato. More on that later, this post is about our 2 upcoming shows. 

This Saturday we are in Holyoke MA at the Waterfront Tavern with the ever-rocking Thunderforge and a duo more evil than us Obsidian Tongue! This is a big diverse bill and we're honored to be a part so you should come out. Facebook Event Page

On Friday Sept 12th we are in Allston MA for the Blackwolfgoat CD release party at O'Brien's Pub. Darryl has been putting out stellar music for a good long time and BWG is some of the most interesting guitar music I've ever heard. This is a must see. Facebook Event Page

You've been awesome to us this year Massachusetts and we are looking forward to rockin' with you ths month!