Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Next show: Oct 18 @ Ralph's in Worcester, MA

Well, summer is over, and fall has begun - we personally couldn't be happier for the cooler weather - we are cold weather people! Bring it! Since the end of our summer shows a few weeks back, we've become re-acclimated with our home rehearsal space/studio and began tightening up and demoing out the new batch of songs we've been working on. We will be returning to the studio (Sonelab in Easthampton, MA) to record once again with Justin Pizzoferrato in January 2015 and we're really stoked! More details on that soon!

For now, we've only booked 2 fall shows - one in October, and one in November. Its possible another show MAY pop up, but I wouldn't count on it. Our goal for the end of the year is to prepare for recording. SO, that being said, we hope to see you at one of these two shows!!!

Saturday October 18 @ Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA
with Clamfight / Faces of Bayon / Wizard Eye / Conclave
9pm / 21+

"Black Friday" November 28 @ Geno's Rock Club - Portland, ME
with Swarmlord & more TBA
More info coming soon!

Monday, September 15, 2014

O'Brien's Show Live Review by The Obelisk

Super flattered by the words of JJ from the Obelisk. He is an awesome writer/photographer as well as a stellar human being. We feel like we're in good company if this man likes our music. Check out his review of our show with Blackwolfgoat, Sea and Shutup!! last Friday at O'Brien's Pub in Allston MA. Thanks JJ for the writeup and the sweet pics!

"Speaking of good bands getting better, the night also re-confirmed for me how far ahead of their 2013 debut, Red over Red, are bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade of Bedroom Rehab Corporation. After seeing them for the first time earlier this summer, this was already apparent, but no less so in Allston, the New London, CT, twosome engaging in varying doomly methods, Melvins-style crunch and a bit of noise punk to boot, the gruff shouts of Wujtewicz adding a sense of burl to the set. He announced their intention to record with Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed Red over Red as well as past and upcoming efforts from Elder and many others, in the coming months, and though they’ve worked together before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Bedroom Rehab Corporation is a much different affair than was the first. They seem to be in the process of discovering their sound and that only makes watching them play, even the older material with its seafaring thematic — New London is on the no-less-ambitiously-named Thames River, and is a town with a port history — more enjoyable."

Read the full show review here:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

O'Brien's Show Crushed!

September 12, 2014 - O'Briens, Allston MA
Photo by "The Phantom Bunburyist"

Last night is a prime example of why we do what we do. The comradery and the level of great heavy music was just through the roof. Thank you to O'Brien's Pub and everyone who came out and rocked alongside us. Thank you to Shut Up! for rumbling the shit out of the place. Thank you to Sea for providing some of the most varied and interesting doom I've heard in a while (keep your eye out for theese guys). And thank you to Blackwolfgoat for restoring my faith in the power of a guitar and inviting us to play.

Next up... after a busy spring/summer of killer regional shows, (6 weekends in a row at one point), we're off from shows for the next month! We do have a couple shows lined up for fall, (October 18 @ Ralph's in Worcester, MA with Clamfight & Faces of Bayon and November 28 @ Geno's in Portland, ME with Swarmlord), but for the most part we'll be hibernating in our home studio and working on demoing out our new songs and preparing to record in January! More on that soon! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer Shows!

We have 2 more shows coming up before we take a few weeks off to nail down the songs for our new album and work on demoing it all. Oh you weren't aware? Yes we will be heading back to Sonelab in January to record an EP with the same super-genius and all-around-cool-dude Justin Pizzoferrato. More on that later, this post is about our 2 upcoming shows. 

This Saturday we are in Holyoke MA at the Waterfront Tavern with the ever-rocking Thunderforge and a duo more evil than us Obsidian Tongue! This is a big diverse bill and we're honored to be a part so you should come out. Facebook Event Page

On Friday Sept 12th we are in Allston MA for the Blackwolfgoat CD release party at O'Brien's Pub. Darryl has been putting out stellar music for a good long time and BWG is some of the most interesting guitar music I've ever heard. This is a must see. Facebook Event Page

You've been awesome to us this year Massachusetts and we are looking forward to rockin' with you ths month!