Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saint Vitus Show RULED!

Great show Tuesday night! Thanks to all those who came out in the rain. Saint Vitus Bar were great hosts and the sound was impeccable. Fin'amor were awesome. Castle - Metal Band blew the roof off the place. This band is just ferocious and tight beyond belief. Truly an honor to share the stage with them last night. If you haven't heard them yet then check out their new 7" below:

Killer stage & house backline.
(my cymbals/snare with the house kit)

Adam getting ready to rock!

Castle killin' it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Show Added 7/15 @ Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY with Castle!

We have been asked to play a really sweet show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY this Tuesday July 15 (tomorrow) opening for San Francisco metal band Castle! Also on the bill are the Brooklyn doom gaze band, Fin'amor. Castle are touring in support of their new record Under Siege which was released in May on Prosthetic Records. We could not be more stoked to be playing with these killer bands and at Saint Vitus! Please help us spread the word about the show and come down and bang your heads with us if you are in the area!

More info on the event here: 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CD Review of Red Over Red from Teeth of the Divine!

CD Review of Red Over Red: 

"Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation enter the fray as another two-piece drum and bass combo, combining the rambunctious flavor of Big Business’ Here Come the Waterworks with rockier stoner infused doom. Their debut full length, the nautically themed Red Over Red, is an excellent first outing, rich with hearty riffs and deep sinking hooks. The sea faring theme of the album dominates the lyrics while moments of gull-baiting noise and a bloopy aquatic bass tone add a bit of atmosphere to an otherwise straightforward affair. It’s a fine debut and one of the most infectious I’ve heard in some time....

Mention in Heavy Planet's Reader Takeover!

Check out what John Fadden from the Boston band Ichabod had to say about us and some other great regional heavies over at the mighty Heavy Planet's "reader takeover"!

"2 words: Awe Inspiring. Adam [bass/vocals] & Meghan [drums] have an undeniable chemistry and put on a live show that rivals any 5pc. dual gtr. riff fest on the planet. Adam's brooding stage presence compliments Meghan's bombastic and passionate drumming perfectly. Their songs are heavy on hooks, flawless execution, & fuzz. They are a lethal duo who I assume won't be a band that goes unrecognized nationally for very much longer." - John Fadden

Read more here: