Friday, June 13, 2014

Live Review from The Obelisk / Pics & Video From Ralph's!

Last night was a blast! Every band on the bill rocked and they were all nice dudes. We couldn't ask for anymore than that. Thank You to Chris MT and Ralphs Rock Diner for having us on the show. Thanks to all our Worcester buddies that came out and rocked with us. Do something for you today... check out these bands Deville, Ichabod and Four Speed Fury. You'll thank us later.

Wow. Just Wow. Thank you JJ (AKA HP Taskmaster) of The Obelisk for the kind words and great pictures of last nights show. if you do not know the Obelisk get aquainted because JJ is one of the hardest working bloggers out there and his coverage is impecable. We're just flattered as hell to be mentioned in such a positive light. We play because we love it and when people enjoy it, it makes us love it even more.....


Live review & pictures below by JJ Kuczan from The Obelisk
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"Connecticut duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation followed. I recalled the work of bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade from their 2013 full-length Red Over Red (review here), and I had been impressed last year with the variety the duo brought to their recorded output, but frankly, I was caught off guard by how cohesive and commanding they were live. In front of Wujtewicz on stage was a sprawling pedal array that turned his bass — pumped through an Orange Terror Bass head; those things are adorable — into a fuzzed-out echo buzzsaw or a wash of noisy feedback, and the set was impeccably constructed for maximum impact. His dynamic with Killimade impressed, and both players impressed individually as well, Killimade singing along with the songs as she stomped her way through them. Their grooving instrumental “All Hands” made an excellent centerpiece before the more brooding “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” and the starts and stops in “No Payment for the Boatman” only underscored how much more tonally creative and full-sounding Bedroom Rehab Corporation were, Wujtewicz showboating a bit on vocals but selling it well. There was a point at which I had to step back and tell myself that if they keep going the way they are in five years they’ll be completely unfuckwithable. Flourishes of Melvins-style weirdness that didn’t come through on the record made them seem all the more volatile, and that only worked in their favor. They’ll play Boston in the fall as well and I expect I’ll look forward to seeing them again."

 Thanks to Mark Goslin for this video of our newest song "Battering Ram":