Monday, December 1, 2014

Post Mortem Live Review from Geno's set Nov 28, 2014

HUGE thanks to Nick Marquis & Swarmlord for inviting us up to rock at Geno's Rock Club this past weekend in Portland, Maine! It was truly a proper way to end our year of live shows, so thanks to everyone who came out and rocked with us! We saw some old friends and met some new ones! Portland NEVER disappoints!

Thanks also to Ben McCanna from Post Mortem for the awesome shots and kind words!

"Big noise comes from small packages. That was the apparent theme Friday when trio Swarmlord and duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation took the stage for impressive sets of massive sounds.
Perhaps for the first time ever, Geno’s compact, matter-of-fact stage seemed like a wide expanse of negative space, especially when inhabited by the two members of Connecticut doom outfit Bedroom Rehab Corp. BRC is one of the gutsiest bands in the land. Whereas bass and drums are generally a starting point — a workmanlike foundation upon which decorative things are built — drummer Meghan Killimade and bassist/singer Adam Wujtewicz saw an end product. This would be a foolhardy venture for almost anyone else, but Killimade and Wujtewicz have the raw power and fearlessness to pull it off in grand style, filling the negative space with spectacle and flawless rhythm. Both Swarmlord and BRC stood in stark contrast to the Black Friday setting, proving the adage that less is more".

Monday, November 17, 2014

Last show of the year: Geno's in Portland, Maine!

Last show of the year and we couldn't be more excited to return to one of our favorite cities - Portland, Maine! We're super stoked to play on "Black Friday" with three killer bands from Maine - Swarmlord, Battery Steele & Hopeless Losers! Huge thanks to Nick from Swarmlord for inviting us up! We can't wait to rock at Geno's again and see all of our Portland friends! Come bang your heads with us!!

More info here: Facebook Event Page

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ralph's 10/18 Show Live Review by The Obelisk

As if it wasn't enough that we got to spend an entire weekend playing with class acts like Clamfight and Wizard Eye; the blogger extraordinaire and all around sweet-as-pie JJ of The Obelisk flatters us with kind words about our performance on Saturday and in the same breath challenges us to do a record with as much energy as our live show! Well sir I believe we are up to that challenge and we will find out in January. Check out that challenge and all the other cool things Mr HP Taskmaster had to say about the show at Ralphs Rock Diner this past Saturday:

"I wondered if it had been a month since the last time I saw Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation while bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade set up their gear. Yes, it had — just over a month, in fact. Still close enough that they were fresh on the brain, though. Their set had a couple new songs to go with “Basilosaurus” from their Red over Red debut long-player (review here). They’ll record in January, and I’ll look forward to what comes out of that for 2015, but the primary impression in watching them at Ralph’s, which is also where I first saw them over the summer, was much the same, in how completely their live show outclasses their studio material. They’ve got their work cut out for them in translating the energy they bring to the stage — the consuming, noisy sensibility in both of their approaches, the variety of tone and gruff vocals of Wujtewicz — but Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed the debut, should be able to capture it with the right balance of rawness and clarity. At Ralph’s, they were playing the second night of an NY/MA weekender with Clamfight and Wizard Eye, and it was clear the company they were keeping was pushing them to give it their all on stage". - JJ Koczan, The Obelisk - October 20, 2014

Read full show review here:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Killer weekend with Clamfight & Wizard Eye!

Wow! That was a weekend well spent! We can not thank our cuddly-bears in Clamfight enough for having us along for all the sweaty and some of the smelly merriment. We must do this again soon, we miss you already. We'd also like to send a big howdy-do to our new buddies and fellow fuzz-lovers Wizard Eye. It was great to meet you chaps and hopefully we see you soon as well. Big thanks are also in order for Gaggle Of Cocks, Conclave and Faces of Bayon; you guys are all expert riff slingers and gracious hosts so cheers to you. All that heavy in 2 days rattled our brains a little for sure.

If you were there rocking out with us at The Anchor Friday night or Ralphs Rock Diner Saturday night then thank you for the warm welcome and sweaty hugs! If you were not there then here is a taste of what went down at Ralph's Saturday night and a taste of "Giants in the Ice", a song that will be on our EP that we will be recording in January... ("Gone by the Boards" is first in the video). Thanks to Mark Goslin for taking this video, we owe you a beer sir! Enjoy and beware the otters...

Some pics:

Photo by Krista Van Guilder

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Show addition: Friday Oct 17 in Kingston, NY!

This just in! We've been added to this show below for this Friday October 17 at The Anchor in Kingston, NY which means TWO nights with Clamfight and Wizard Eye! If you're in the area, come bang your heads with us! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Next show: Oct 18 @ Ralph's in Worcester, MA

Well, summer is over, and fall has begun - we personally couldn't be happier for the cooler weather - we are cold weather people! Bring it! Since the end of our summer shows a few weeks back, we've become re-acclimated with our home rehearsal space/studio and began tightening up and demoing out the new batch of songs we've been working on. We will be returning to the studio (Sonelab in Easthampton, MA) to record once again with Justin Pizzoferrato in January 2015 and we're really stoked! More details on that soon!

For now, we've only booked 2 fall shows - one in October, and one in November. Its possible another show MAY pop up, but I wouldn't count on it. Our goal for the end of the year is to prepare for recording. SO, that being said, we hope to see you at one of these two shows!!!

Saturday October 18 @ Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA
with Clamfight / Faces of Bayon / Wizard Eye / Conclave
9pm / 21+

"Black Friday" November 28 @ Geno's Rock Club - Portland, ME
with Swarmlord & more TBA
More info coming soon!

Monday, September 15, 2014

O'Brien's Show Live Review by The Obelisk

Super flattered by the words of JJ from the Obelisk. He is an awesome writer/photographer as well as a stellar human being. We feel like we're in good company if this man likes our music. Check out his review of our show with Blackwolfgoat, Sea and Shutup!! last Friday at O'Brien's Pub in Allston MA. Thanks JJ for the writeup and the sweet pics!

"Speaking of good bands getting better, the night also re-confirmed for me how far ahead of their 2013 debut, Red over Red, are bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade of Bedroom Rehab Corporation. After seeing them for the first time earlier this summer, this was already apparent, but no less so in Allston, the New London, CT, twosome engaging in varying doomly methods, Melvins-style crunch and a bit of noise punk to boot, the gruff shouts of Wujtewicz adding a sense of burl to the set. He announced their intention to record with Justin Pizzoferrato, who also helmed Red over Red as well as past and upcoming efforts from Elder and many others, in the coming months, and though they’ve worked together before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Bedroom Rehab Corporation is a much different affair than was the first. They seem to be in the process of discovering their sound and that only makes watching them play, even the older material with its seafaring thematic — New London is on the no-less-ambitiously-named Thames River, and is a town with a port history — more enjoyable."

Read the full show review here:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

O'Brien's Show Crushed!

September 12, 2014 - O'Briens, Allston MA
Photo by "The Phantom Bunburyist"

Last night is a prime example of why we do what we do. The comradery and the level of great heavy music was just through the roof. Thank you to O'Brien's Pub and everyone who came out and rocked alongside us. Thank you to Shut Up! for rumbling the shit out of the place. Thank you to Sea for providing some of the most varied and interesting doom I've heard in a while (keep your eye out for theese guys). And thank you to Blackwolfgoat for restoring my faith in the power of a guitar and inviting us to play.

Next up... after a busy spring/summer of killer regional shows, (6 weekends in a row at one point), we're off from shows for the next month! We do have a couple shows lined up for fall, (October 18 @ Ralph's in Worcester, MA with Clamfight & Faces of Bayon and November 28 @ Geno's in Portland, ME with Swarmlord), but for the most part we'll be hibernating in our home studio and working on demoing out our new songs and preparing to record in January! More on that soon! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer Shows!

We have 2 more shows coming up before we take a few weeks off to nail down the songs for our new album and work on demoing it all. Oh you weren't aware? Yes we will be heading back to Sonelab in January to record an EP with the same super-genius and all-around-cool-dude Justin Pizzoferrato. More on that later, this post is about our 2 upcoming shows. 

This Saturday we are in Holyoke MA at the Waterfront Tavern with the ever-rocking Thunderforge and a duo more evil than us Obsidian Tongue! This is a big diverse bill and we're honored to be a part so you should come out. Facebook Event Page

On Friday Sept 12th we are in Allston MA for the Blackwolfgoat CD release party at O'Brien's Pub. Darryl has been putting out stellar music for a good long time and BWG is some of the most interesting guitar music I've ever heard. This is a must see. Facebook Event Page

You've been awesome to us this year Massachusetts and we are looking forward to rockin' with you ths month!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bundle deals are back!

We've got END OF SUMMER BUNDLE deals happening RIGHT NOW on our online merch page! If you haven't yet picked up our CD or vinyl, now's the time!

CD & shirt for $15 

Black vinyl & shirt for $20! 
That's $5 OFF and FREE shipping! 
Plus you'll get 1 free koozie and a free set of pins!

All profits will go directly to help fund our next recording!

Monday, August 4, 2014

RPM Fest this Saturday!

This SATURDAY 8/9 we're proud to be playing the first ever RPM Fest in Greenfield, MA!! This is a FREE / 2 day / 2 stage / 32 band festival! If you're interested in attending PLEASE MESSAGE US FOR THE ADDRESS as this is a invite only event!

Band / stage schedule, parking information and other details etc are covered here:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saint Vitus Show RULED!

Great show Tuesday night! Thanks to all those who came out in the rain. Saint Vitus Bar were great hosts and the sound was impeccable. Fin'amor were awesome. Castle - Metal Band blew the roof off the place. This band is just ferocious and tight beyond belief. Truly an honor to share the stage with them last night. If you haven't heard them yet then check out their new 7" below:

Killer stage & house backline.
(my cymbals/snare with the house kit)

Adam getting ready to rock!

Castle killin' it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Show Added 7/15 @ Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY with Castle!

We have been asked to play a really sweet show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY this Tuesday July 15 (tomorrow) opening for San Francisco metal band Castle! Also on the bill are the Brooklyn doom gaze band, Fin'amor. Castle are touring in support of their new record Under Siege which was released in May on Prosthetic Records. We could not be more stoked to be playing with these killer bands and at Saint Vitus! Please help us spread the word about the show and come down and bang your heads with us if you are in the area!

More info on the event here: 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CD Review of Red Over Red from Teeth of the Divine!

CD Review of Red Over Red: 

"Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation enter the fray as another two-piece drum and bass combo, combining the rambunctious flavor of Big Business’ Here Come the Waterworks with rockier stoner infused doom. Their debut full length, the nautically themed Red Over Red, is an excellent first outing, rich with hearty riffs and deep sinking hooks. The sea faring theme of the album dominates the lyrics while moments of gull-baiting noise and a bloopy aquatic bass tone add a bit of atmosphere to an otherwise straightforward affair. It’s a fine debut and one of the most infectious I’ve heard in some time....

Mention in Heavy Planet's Reader Takeover!

Check out what John Fadden from the Boston band Ichabod had to say about us and some other great regional heavies over at the mighty Heavy Planet's "reader takeover"!

"2 words: Awe Inspiring. Adam [bass/vocals] & Meghan [drums] have an undeniable chemistry and put on a live show that rivals any 5pc. dual gtr. riff fest on the planet. Adam's brooding stage presence compliments Meghan's bombastic and passionate drumming perfectly. Their songs are heavy on hooks, flawless execution, & fuzz. They are a lethal duo who I assume won't be a band that goes unrecognized nationally for very much longer." - John Fadden

Read more here:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Live Review from The Obelisk / Pics & Video From Ralph's!

Last night was a blast! Every band on the bill rocked and they were all nice dudes. We couldn't ask for anymore than that. Thank You to Chris MT and Ralphs Rock Diner for having us on the show. Thanks to all our Worcester buddies that came out and rocked with us. Do something for you today... check out these bands Deville, Ichabod and Four Speed Fury. You'll thank us later.

Wow. Just Wow. Thank you JJ (AKA HP Taskmaster) of The Obelisk for the kind words and great pictures of last nights show. if you do not know the Obelisk get aquainted because JJ is one of the hardest working bloggers out there and his coverage is impecable. We're just flattered as hell to be mentioned in such a positive light. We play because we love it and when people enjoy it, it makes us love it even more.....


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BRC Voted Into Top 5 "Best Metal" Bands in the CT Music Awards!

We are honored to have been voted into the top 5 "Best Metal" bands in the state of Connecticut for the 2nd year in a row at the 3rd Annual Connecticut Music Awards which was held June 10, 2014 at The Bushnell in Hartford! Thank you to everyone that voted!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pics from 33 Golden Street / March 29th Show

Killer show at 33 last Saturday! Thanks to everyone who came out!! Here are some awesome pics from our set taken by our friend Dave Z from the blog One Base on an Overthrow:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Next up for shows!

Just a few weeks away... Saturday March 29... one of the most anticipated shows of the year! Brand new band debuting: Wolfghost, which features vocalist Joey Royale, drummer Bobby Crash, guitarist Mike Desmond and bassist Dave Anderson! Can't wait to see these guys!!! Our good friends Problem With Dragons from Easthampton, MA return to New London to join us on this mighty bill! Oh yeah, we'll be playing too and debuting 1 if not 2 new songs! Seriously can't wait for this one! DO NOT MISS IT!
March 29, 2014 (Saturday)
@ 33
33 Golden Street
New London, CT
9:30pm / $5 / 21+
with (11pm) Wolfghost (debut show!)
and (10pm)
Problem With Dragons
Facebook Event Page

We just got added to a really cool bill for next month... Sunday April 13... official lineup and details are still being firmed up but so far Insano Vision, Kings of Nothing, Entierro and VRSA are on the bill and it will be an early show - 3 to 10:30pm. They're calling it "Meat, Metal & Flames" and from what we've heard they'll be BBQ-ing outside!! Sounds like a good way to kick off the warm weather!

April 13, 2014 (Sunday)
@ Cherry Street Station
491 Cherry Street Extension
Wallingford, CT
3 to 10:30pm
"Meat, Metal & Flames" Festival
with Kings of Nothing
Insano Vision
Facebook Event Page

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cherry Street Show Ruled!

What a time we had at Cherry Street Station last night! We could not have asked for a better lineup of bands Moon Tooth killed, Warm destroyed and Problem With Dragons crushed! IT WAS MADNESS!!! Thanks to Cherry Street Station for hosting us, Robo for including us and everyone who came out and rocked with us. It was nice to see so many friends new and old! Try to enjoy your Saturday folks, just know it won't be as good as last night was.

Photo by Melissa McDermott

Official "band dudes" Photo
Problem With Dragons, Warm, Moon Tooth & BRC!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Next Two Shows!

We've definitely had a great start to 2014 and now we've got two more pretty ridiculously awesome shows to tell you about - the first one is mere days away on Friday, and the other is at the end of March. In between those two shows, we're going to continue to work on our new batch of songs. You never know, we may even get one of those new songs into the live set for that March show?

So, here are the details, hope to see you there!

February 21, 2014 (Friday)
@ Cherry Street Station
491 North Cherry Street Extension
Wallingford, CT
9pm / $5 / 21+
with Problem With Dragons
and Moon Tooth

Facebook Event Page

March 29, 2014 (Saturday)
@ 33
33 Golden Street
New London, CT
9:30pm / $5 / 21+
with Wolfghost (debut show!)
Problem With Dragons
Facebook Event Page

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another great show at JJ's in Florence, MA!

What a rad show at JJs Tavern in Florence, MA last night! Killer rock n' roll weekend!!! A big thank you to John and Promotorhead Entertainment for having us. Thanks to The Damaged, Gas Attack and Western Massacre for helping us tear the house down. And last but NEVER least, thanks to all those who attended the show, said hi, bought merch and hung out last night. BRC appreciates it. Now if you'll excuse us we both need to ice our necks and take some Tylenol!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Great night at Ralph's in Worcester, MA!

What a great show last night! Thanks to Ralphs Rock Diner and Metal Thursday for having us up to make noise for you all. Great to play with celestial doomers TITANIS and the always mighty Hessian again, they're great bands and even better people and they deserve your support. Thanks to everyone that came out last night and rocked out with us, we had a blast and can't wait to do it again! 

And if you want to do it again we're in Florence Mass at JJs Tavern on Saturday (tomorrow Feb 8) for Promotorhead Entertainment's 2 year anniversary show. For all info on that go here: Facebook Event Page. Hope to see you all there. Cheers!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

WCNI: The Asylum

HUGE thanks to Bob Howard for having us on his show The Asylum last night on WCNI! We had a blast!! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Shows & MORE!

Happy New Year!
Here's some new stuff we've got going on!

Saturday January 11
@ WCNI 90.9fm
New London, CT
Live on air with Bob Howard on "The Asylum Radio" metal show
9pm to midnight
We'll be in studio to chat and hang - Bob will be playing our album Red Over Red in it's entirety and maybe we'll select a few of our favorite metal tracks to play! Tune in on your radio dial or stream live at the link above.

Saturday January 18
@ 33 Golden Street - New London, CT
9:30pm / $5 / 21+
with Reign Of Zaius, Horns of Ormus

Thursday February 6 

@ Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA
9pm / $7 / 21+
with HessianTitanis, Olyphant

Saturday February 8
@ JJs Tavern - Florence, MA
9pm / $5 / 21+
for Promotorhead Entertainment's 2nd Anniversary!
with Western Massacre, Gas Attack, The Damaged

Friday February 21
@ Cherry Street Station - Waillingford, CT
9pm / $5 / 21+
with Warm, Problem With Dragons, Moon Tooth