Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pedal Board Rebuild!

Adam spent a few weeks this month rebuilding his pedal board! He bought a new custom board by Trailer Trash Pedal Boards - 36" pro series. The board now has 20 pedals! Check out the build!

New board!
Let the rebuild begin!
Working out the pedal order
adding the pedals...
cables, cables, cables!
testing it out...
ready to rock!

Final product!

 From right to left, top to bottom, the number says which place it is in the chain.
1 Zvex, Fuzz Factory (Mayhem Fuzz)
2 TC Electronics, Micro Tuner
3 GString, Decimator (noise gate)
4 Dwarfcraft Devices, Mikes Salty Romance Explosion (Feedback looper with oscillator)
5 Zvex, Ringtone (multi-step, tap tempo ring modulator)
15 Fuzzrocious Pedals, Ram the Manparts (Low/Hi gain boost with a starve knob)
14 Dwarfcraft Devices, Synth Mangler (Double Devi ever Soda Miser circuit with noise and choas switches, pregain controlled by a joystick)/
6 Earthquaker Devices Organizer (2 up, 2 down octave pedal with lag and tone control)
9 ElectroHarmox, Q-Tron (Envelope filter)
10 ElectroHarmonix, Small Stone (Phaser)
12 Zvex, Distortron (Hi/Low gain distortion)
13 Dwarfcraft Devices, Eau Claire Thunder (super versatile fuzz w/ tone boost & internal feedback loop)
16 Dunlop, Crybaby Wah (it's a wah wah pedal)
lower pedal 17 Zvex, Sonar (Tap Tempo Tremelo)
upper level 18 ElectroHarmonix, Holy Grail (3 way reverb)/19 Boss, DD7(Delay)
7 ElectroHarmonix, POG (poly octave generator)
8 ElectroHarmonix, Electric Mistress (Flanger/Chorus in one)
11 Devi Ever, Shoe Gazer (Torns Peaker and Soda Miser fuzz in one)
20 TC Electronics, Flashback X4 (3 setting tap tempo delay box that doubles as a looper)