Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I AM Fest rocked!

What an awesome day at I AM Festival here in New London last Saturday! We opened the Hygienic Ark Park stage around 3pm that day, and we are still in awe at the crowd - what amazing energy!! Thank you to everyone who stopped in to catch our set and to everyone who snapped pics!!! We are so proud to have been a part of this years festival! Ridiculous fun! Thanks Rich Martin & Sean Murray for having us!

...and, HUGE thanks to Dave at One Base on an Overthrow for reviewing our set:

"Bedroom Rehab went on in New London around 3:00 and they totally killed it, I know that's something people say about bands all the time -- "they totally killed it" -- but in this case it's fucking real, jack. I watched people walking into the place and then slowly inching forward, like "what the heck is this, this is amazing", including a group of metalheads who finally just said "fuckit" and went up front, howling and throwing devil-horns in the air and headbanging like maniacs. This is true, I'm not making this up. Adam and Meghan are both hugely charismatic performers, Meghan maybe even the most out of the two even though she's seated behind a drum kit the whole time, and this was another one of those Bedroom Rehab sets where the crowd starts off kinda medium-warm and then by the end everyone is going nuts."

Photo by Pam Strollo

Photo by One Base on an Overthrow

Photo by Sean Fowler

Photo by Sean Fowler

Thanks to Rick Koster and Peter Huoppi from The Day for talking with us at I AM Fest!

...and here's "SS Hangover" from our set!