Friday, August 2, 2013

College Radio

One of the last bastions of good taste in music is college radio and BRC knows this.  We are proud to say that Red Over Red is now in the hands of college radio DJs all across this great country of ours.

Red Over Red is on the Top 30 Charts this week at stations:

KVCU in Boulder, CO #23,
WCXI in Danbury, CT #17
WEFT in Champaign, IL #6
WMUL in Huntington, WV #9 on their Loud Rock charts

We've also received some heavy rotation on stations such as:

WHRW in Binghampton NY
WNCW in Spindale NC
WESU in Middletown CT
WCNI in New London, CT (hometown love!)
WRST in Oshkosh WI
KWLC in Decorah, IA
WCFM in Williamstown, MA
WSGR-1/ WCLG in Port Huron, MI

And huge thanks to The Tony Jones Show (WARL in Providence RI) & Mike J at WTCC in Springfield MA who we've had the pleasure of doing on air interviews with!

We're really excited that stations are taking to the record and giving a couple of noisemakers like us a chance to be heard by people far and wide.  Thanks for all of the support these and other stations have shown BRC and Red Over Red. We'll keep you updated on the charts in the upcoming weeks!

Don't see the name of your town on that list?  Give you local DJ a call and let them know you want to hear your favorite song off of Red Over Red.  I would bet dollars to doughnuts it's in their vault and if it's not we'll make sure they get a copy.