Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pedal Board Rebuild!

Adam spent a few weeks this month rebuilding his pedal board! He bought a new custom board by Trailer Trash Pedal Boards - 36" pro series. The board now has 20 pedals! Check out the build!

New board!
Let the rebuild begin!
Working out the pedal order
adding the pedals...
cables, cables, cables!
testing it out...
ready to rock!

Final product!

 From right to left, top to bottom, the number says which place it is in the chain.
1 Zvex, Fuzz Factory (Mayhem Fuzz)
2 TC Electronics, Micro Tuner
3 GString, Decimator (noise gate)
4 Dwarfcraft Devices, Mikes Salty Romance Explosion (Feedback looper with oscillator)
5 Zvex, Ringtone (multi-step, tap tempo ring modulator)
15 Fuzzrocious Pedals, Ram the Manparts (Low/Hi gain boost with a starve knob)
14 Dwarfcraft Devices, Synth Mangler (Double Devi ever Soda Miser circuit with noise and choas switches, pregain controlled by a joystick)/
6 Earthquaker Devices Organizer (2 up, 2 down octave pedal with lag and tone control)
9 ElectroHarmox, Q-Tron (Envelope filter)
10 ElectroHarmonix, Small Stone (Phaser)
12 Zvex, Distortron (Hi/Low gain distortion)
13 Dwarfcraft Devices, Eau Claire Thunder (super versatile fuzz w/ tone boost & internal feedback loop)
16 Dunlop, Crybaby Wah (it's a wah wah pedal)
lower pedal 17 Zvex, Sonar (Tap Tempo Tremelo)
upper level 18 ElectroHarmonix, Holy Grail (3 way reverb)/19 Boss, DD7(Delay)
7 ElectroHarmonix, POG (poly octave generator)
8 ElectroHarmonix, Electric Mistress (Flanger/Chorus in one)
11 Devi Ever, Shoe Gazer (Torns Peaker and Soda Miser fuzz in one)
20 TC Electronics, Flashback X4 (3 setting tap tempo delay box that doubles as a looper)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CT Music Awards!

Well we didn't win at the CT Music Awards last night, but what an AWESOME time we had! We feel pretty proud and honored that we made it into the top 5 finalists in the metal category for the entire state, so HUGE thank you to all who voted for us! We'll get 'em next year! Thanks to Chip McCabe for throwing one hell of an event and for everything you do for the CT music scene! 

Can't wait to play the Grand Band Slam Saturday at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford with some of the other metal and punk nominees and winners of "Best Punk", our pals, The Lost Riots! We kick off the event at 8pm, it's all ages and there's no cover! More information here:

On the red carpet! Photo by Sean Fowler /
On the red carpet! Photo by Sean Fowler /

At the "VIP pre party" - photo by

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I AM Fest rocked!

What an awesome day at I AM Festival here in New London last Saturday! We opened the Hygienic Ark Park stage around 3pm that day, and we are still in awe at the crowd - what amazing energy!! Thank you to everyone who stopped in to catch our set and to everyone who snapped pics!!! We are so proud to have been a part of this years festival! Ridiculous fun! Thanks Rich Martin & Sean Murray for having us!

...and, HUGE thanks to Dave at One Base on an Overthrow for reviewing our set:

"Bedroom Rehab went on in New London around 3:00 and they totally killed it, I know that's something people say about bands all the time -- "they totally killed it" -- but in this case it's fucking real, jack. I watched people walking into the place and then slowly inching forward, like "what the heck is this, this is amazing", including a group of metalheads who finally just said "fuckit" and went up front, howling and throwing devil-horns in the air and headbanging like maniacs. This is true, I'm not making this up. Adam and Meghan are both hugely charismatic performers, Meghan maybe even the most out of the two even though she's seated behind a drum kit the whole time, and this was another one of those Bedroom Rehab sets where the crowd starts off kinda medium-warm and then by the end everyone is going nuts."

Photo by Pam Strollo

Photo by One Base on an Overthrow

Photo by Sean Fowler

Photo by Sean Fowler

Thanks to Rick Koster and Peter Huoppi from The Day for talking with us at I AM Fest!

...and here's "SS Hangover" from our set!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Phew, what an awesome weekend!

Our Labor Day weekend was totally kick ass!

Thanks to Promotorhead Entertainment and JJs Tavern for having us Friday night up in Massachusetts and also to Robo Sound for making us sound so righteous! We had an absolute blast playing with Titanis, Hessian and Blood Of Kings!  

We had such a good time in fact, that when Hessian asked us if we wanted to join them and Blood of Kings to play again in Portland Maine the next night... we said yes! So we made the trek last minute Saturday up to Maine! You never really have to twist our arm to go to Portland, that's for sure! Anyone who knows anything about us knows that Portland is pretty much our favorite New England city next to home... I mean, our album cover WAS created from pictures that were taken in Portland after all. HA! We had such a blast Saturday... thanks so much to Geno's Rock Club for having us and Hessian for inviting us! 

Next up:

A trip to O'Brien's Pub in Allston, MA on Thursday with our pals Wrought Iron Hex... always a good time playing with these guys, come join us! Facebook Event Page

...and then...  

I AM Festival on Saturday in New London! We couldn't be more excited for this! The festival is FREE and starts at noon and goes until 2am! We kick off the Hygienic Art Park stage (79 Bank St) at 3:15 sharp, so come hang out with us!!! Did we mention that DEATH (detroit punk) will be in town headlining the festival? DON'T MISS IT!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We're playing I AM Festival!

We are so excited to announce that we have been selected to play I AM Festival 2013!

The festival is one of Connecticut's biggest indie music festivals which returns for it's 7th installment this September 7th all throughout downtown New London! One day. Five stages. Over 25 bands. Dozens of DIY and indie craft vendors. The festival is free and all ages.

Performances by
DEATH, Cymbals Eat Guitars and many more yet to be announced!!!


Facebook Event Page: 


Friday, August 2, 2013

We made the finals for 'Best Metal' in the CT Music Awards!

We made the top 5 finalists for "Best Metal" in the Connecticut Music Awards!!!!! 

We are absolutely ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all who voted!!!! We can't wait until the awards show at the Bushnell in Hartford on September 17 to hear the winners announced!!! 

Congrats to all the finalists! LOTS of New London acts represented as well!! Wahoo!! Check out all the finalists here

College Radio

One of the last bastions of good taste in music is college radio and BRC knows this.  We are proud to say that Red Over Red is now in the hands of college radio DJs all across this great country of ours.

Red Over Red is on the Top 30 Charts this week at stations:

KVCU in Boulder, CO #23,
WCXI in Danbury, CT #17
WEFT in Champaign, IL #6
WMUL in Huntington, WV #9 on their Loud Rock charts

We've also received some heavy rotation on stations such as:

WHRW in Binghampton NY
WNCW in Spindale NC
WESU in Middletown CT
WCNI in New London, CT (hometown love!)
WRST in Oshkosh WI
KWLC in Decorah, IA
WCFM in Williamstown, MA
WSGR-1/ WCLG in Port Huron, MI

And huge thanks to The Tony Jones Show (WARL in Providence RI) & Mike J at WTCC in Springfield MA who we've had the pleasure of doing on air interviews with!

We're really excited that stations are taking to the record and giving a couple of noisemakers like us a chance to be heard by people far and wide.  Thanks for all of the support these and other stations have shown BRC and Red Over Red. We'll keep you updated on the charts in the upcoming weeks!

Don't see the name of your town on that list?  Give you local DJ a call and let them know you want to hear your favorite song off of Red Over Red.  I would bet dollars to doughnuts it's in their vault and if it's not we'll make sure they get a copy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Just Happened and What's Coming Up

It's been a hectic, but awesome, few weeks in BRC land.

We had 3 great shows in 2 great states at 3 clubs we hadn't played before.  Thanks to Dusk in Providence RI, Sierra Grille in Northampton MA and Ralph's Diner in Worcester MA for having us.  Got to play 2 of those shows with our good friends Faces of Bayon.  If you don't know that name yet you really should click that link and look into it, they are HEAVY (!!!) and all around good dudes.  Can't wait to hear that new album guys.

July 10 @ Dusk - Providence, RI
Photo by Matt Smith

July 18 @ Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA
Photo by Matt Smith

July 18 @ Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA
Video by Mark Goslin

Speaking of albums... physical copies of Red Over Red are now available on our Bandcamp page.  Vinyl, (both black and clear red), and CDs are ready to ship so if you can't wait for us to play in your town or your country or your planet then get over to Bandcamp and place your order.

We've also nominated in the CT Music Awards for "Best Metal Band" and "Best Overall Band" and "Best New Band"!! If you haven't voted yet, please do so soon because the voting ends July 31st. We're excited to see if we can make the finalists which are announced August 2!

That's what's happened lately.  Here's what's coming up...

We've got few weeks before our next show and we will be focusing on writing new material. We've started jamming and fleshing out some new ideas and we will be trying to make those ideas into full fledged songs.  Spoiler Alert: the new stuff is heavier, moodier and hopefully a little more melodic than the songs on Red Over Red.  We're going to make sure we get some good hook laden rockers in there as well but the real focus is on crafting the best and most cohesive set of tunes we can for the next record.  Guaranteed there will be more crazy tones and the rhythmic pummeling than we've done before.

MORE SHOWS.  We've got shows booked through October and new ones popping up all the time with a bunch of different and great bands so stay tuned to our shows page for those updates.

Our next show is August 24th at 33 Golden Street in New London with Boston bashers, The Scimitar and local intelli-punks Horns of Ormus.  This is gonna be one for the books.  Diverse bill in the air conditioned underground wonderland of 33, that's how you beat the heat. Facebook Event Page.

FALL MINI TOUR! We've also just confirmed 3 dates in 3 states in 1 weekend in October with our comrades Problem With Dragons and Moon Tooth.  We're super excited about the oppportunity to share the stage with these bands 3 nights in a row and show crowds what it truly means to RAGE!

So stay tuned.  There is much excitement still to come from the BRC camp.  Keep up with it here, Facebook, Twitter and our new BRC newsletter (you heard right, we have a newsletter). You can sign up for that right here on our site - scroll down this main page a bit and you'll see the form in the right hand column.


Monday, July 1, 2013

We've been nominated in the CT Music Awards!

We're proud to announce that we've been nominated for "Best Metal", "Best New Band" and "Best Overall Band" in the Connecticut Music Awards!
Voting officially started today (July 1) and it runs until July 31! The Awards Ceremony is September 17 at the Bushnell in Hartford! How exciting! We'd surely appreciate your vote if you feel so inclined! TONS of other great CT bands also nominated! Check it out and cast your vote!

Vote here:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

VINYL now available!

Out of town friends: we are proud to announce that you can now order physical CD's and vinyl copies of Red Over Red through our Bandcamp page! This includes both regular black vinyl as well as our super limited edition transparent red vinyl - only 50 made of the red! Also available through us at shows... check out our upcoming dates on our "shows" tab to see if we're coming to your town!

Friends in town: All of our merch is available through us at shows! Next New London show is August 24 at 33 with The Scimitar and Horns of Ormus! You can also purchase our CD's and black vinyl through The Telegraph in New London. Red vinyl is only available through us! Come to a show and purchase so we can both avoid shipping costs!

In other news - we had a killer show in Portland, Maine at Geno's with Saturns Return! We love Portland and hope to get back again soon! Next show is Wed July 10 at Dusk in Providence, RI with Faces of Bayon Stoked!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Shows!

Well as you can see, we have quite a few shows coming up in the next few months! Summer is going to be busy for us and we are definitely looking forward to it! For all show details - visit our "shows" tab here on the site.

In other news, ALL of our vinyl came in and we're working out details to sell copies through our bandcamp page. We'll of course have them with us at our shows and they will be available for purchase at The Telegraph in New London very soon! Please stay tuned!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whalies! Vinyl! Gigs!

Wow have we had an amazing weekend! First...some of our vinyl came in! YES! We received our limited run (only 50 copies made) of our debut LP Red Over Red on clear red vinyl on Friday! It's absolutely gorgeous! The 200 copies on black vinyl are on the way! You will be able to purchase both very soon at The Telegraph here in New London and of course through us at shows! We will be looking into setting up a way for you to purchase the vinyl online through our bandcamp page, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Then later on Friday we played at The El-N-Gee Club with Weedeater from North Carolina, Snow Orphan and When The Deadbolt Breaks! Absolutely ridiculous show! Had a blast!

Saturday brought us to The Whalie Awards at Hygienic Art Park in New London where we were nominated for 5 awards and which we are proud to announce we won two!

[People's Choice] Best Hard Rock/Metal
[Critics Choice] Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for "Gone by the Boards"

What's up next? Well this Sunday June 2, we're headed to Providence where we'll be talking live on the air with our friend Tony Jones on his radio show "The Tony Jones Show" on WARL 1320AM starting at 5pm!

We'll be back at the El-N-Gee June 15 with our friends Sadplant! We'll actually be playing on the bar stage -  it's only $3 cover and they'll have a bunch of drink specials! Should be awesome! Dig it!

Then we're off to our home away from home... Portland, Maine! We'll be returning to Geno's where we'll be playing with our new friends Saturns Return! Can't wait! Check out our shows tab for more upcoming gigs!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whalie Awards!

The rest of the nominations came out for the The Whalie Awards yesterday and we are very excited to announce that we are now nominated for 5 awards!!

"Album of the year"
"Rock/Pop Album of the year"
"Song of the year for Gone by the Boards"

"Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance of the year for Gone by the Boards"
"Best Hard Rock/Metal - People's Choice"

If you feel so inclined to vote for us in the People's Choice category, (we'd surely appreciate it!), please head on over to - no sign up, just a valid email address needed.
We're also performing our song "Gone by the Boards" at the awards show!!!

The Whalie Awards are May 25 at Hygienic Art Park in New London - all welcome to attend; red carpet starts at 6pm, the awards are at 7ish; $10 cover, ALL AGES; beer/wine available for purchase for 21+ w/ ID - more info here:
Facebook Event Page. It's one heck of a party, AND a fundraiser for New London's own I AM FESTIVAL, so don't miss it! Come celebrate our fantastic local scene!!! 
AND... the night before the Whalies... (May 24), we're playing a HUGE show with the almighty Weedeater at The El-N-Gee Club! Other bands on the bill include our friends When The Deadbolt Breaks, Snow Orphan and Curse The Son. $15 / ALL AGES / 7pm Facebook Event Page
OH! Almost forgot... RED OVER RED vinyl is due in SOON!!!!!! Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Update!

We've got a lot to update you on!!! We've got two really big shows that we're playing locally here in New London, CT this month!!

The first is actually this weekend, Saturday May 11 @ Oasis Pub (16 Bank Street) with our new friends, (who we first played with at Emerge Festival in Hartford back in March), Atrina - AND - our very good friends from Boston, Wrought Iron Hex! 9:30pm, $5, 21+ Facebook Event Page

Then... we were just added to a HUGE show on Friday May 24 @ The El-N-Gee Club (86 Golden Street) with WeedEater! Apparently this it their only New England tour date, so don't miss it! Also on the bill are another local New London band, Snow Orphan. Other bands on the bill will be announced soon. This is absolutely huge, and we could not be more excited for this show!!! The show is ALL AGES, and is $15 - 7pm doors. Facebook Event Page

For those of you locally, you'll probably notice that the Weedeater show is the night before the WHALIE awards! Yup, gonna be a busy weekend for us! The Whalie Awards are the New London equivalent of the Grammys. A full-on event incorporating the glitz and glamour that comes with your typical award show... red carpet included!! We are nominated in the People's Choice "Best Hard Rock/Metal" category where anyone can vote! We'd sure love to win one of these babys... and would love you forever if you cast a vote for us here:

ALSO... it was a pleasant surprise to have found that Red Over Red was reviewed by the fine folks that run the local music magazine Sound Waves! You can pick up a copy of this zine just about anywhere in New London county... look for it at your favorite venues and restaurants... OR read it online here:

AND if all that info wasn't enough for you.. our song "All Hands" was used for two really cool videos! The first being Providence Roller Derby's promo for their next bout! Check it out:

The second was in the movie trailer for the upcoming documentary "Fantasm" about horror movie conventions! So cool! Check it out: 

More later!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Red Over Red VINYL and Record Store Day

So the test pressings have landed for Red Over Red VINYL!!! We had hoped we might have the vinyl done in time for Record Store Day this Saturday April 20... unfortunately the pressing plant is extremely backed up, so not quite yet. SOON! We've ordered 250 copies - 50 of them a special edition numbered limited run on clear red vinyl! We are so excited!! We'll post more details on a release day when we get 'em. Stay tuned!

Speaking of Record Store Day Saturday... we are playing a live set at our own local independent record store The Telegraph! Lots of special record store day music releases, free stuff (while it lasts) and live performances all day long! Gonna be one heck of a party! We are scheduled to play around 9pm. More details on the event here:

Tonight we're in Allston, MA at O'Brien's Pub with our good friends Wrought Iron Hex along with a few other bands. Come hang out! We open at 9pm, $7, 21+ More details here:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Show Sat at Oasis in New London!


We're super stoked about the show we're playing at Oasis in New London this Saturday March 30!

The bill will feature Warm (rock/metal/experimental) from Enfield/Windsor Locks, CT who we played with in December in Northampton... and also our new friends Harborlights (ambient/rock/instrumental) from Boston! Should be one hell of a rock show!

More show info and other band links here:

Rick Koster (The Day) mentioned us in his Saturday night show picks article:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Radio Interview on WTCC

We'll be doing a live on air interview with our friend Mike J on WTCC 90.7FM Springfield, MA tonight around 8:30pm! You can listen online here:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Stellar Review from Temple of Perdition!

On Monday Temple of Perdition reviewed Red Over Red, and guess what?  They liked it!  We'd like to thank Steph LS for taking the time to listen to our record and writing such a well thought out review.  You can check out what she said here.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Emerge Festival ROCKED!

Emerge Festival was absolutely amazing last night! What a lineup!! Thanks so much to Aaron from Nectar's Presents, Arch Street Tavern and of course Chip McCabe for all his hard work putting the festival together and having us on the bill! AND to everyone that came out on a Sunday!! Best of luck to the bands making the trek to SXSW in Austin!!

Huge thanks to Sean Fowler at for this killer shot


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We are very proud to announce that we will be playing Day 2 of Emerge Festival at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford, CT on Sunday March 3! The Emerge Festival is a " presents" event in conjunction with "Chip’s Unnamed Local Band Show" and was created with the intentions of not only shining a spotlight on some of the best and brightest local, original music in CT but also as an annual fundraiser for CT bands touring to and from SXSW in Austin, TX. Other bands on the bill for Day 2 of the festival include 1974, Atrina, Ports of Spain, Sun Dagger & MORE!

We will also be playing Stop the Bleeding Metalfest 5 at The Raven in Worcester, MA on Saturday March 23! This fest is to benefit the Lighthouse Mission soup kitchen and food pantry in Worcester. Other bands on the bill include Faces of Bayon, Fires of Old, The Scimitar & MORE!!!

We are stoked to be a part of these festivals!!! More spring shows to be announced soon - so stay tuned!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great start to the new year!

Hey everyone - Meghan here. What a great start to the new year for us! So far we've had some really nice reviews and feedback on the new album and we couldn't be happier!

Earlier this month we played at the El-N-Gee with the almighty Clamfight from PA and our new friends Blue Aside from Boston and When the Deadbolt Breaks from here in CT. It was a killer show and hopefully we'll get to play with these bands again soon!!

We had an absolute blast playing The Hygienic Rock Fix at the Crocker House Ballroom last weekend. Hygienic is always such a great time every year and we were proud to be a part of the celebration! Here's a video of "Captain Damnit" from our set that night:

This is us at the Rock Fix with our besties Michelle and Brian from The Suicide Dolls - taken  by Sean Fowler of!

We awoke this morning to find that we've been reviewed on the national metal website Metal Insider!! Thanks to Chip McCabe for this - who writes for both and Metal Insider!

Which brings us to mention the HUGE " Presents" show we're playing at Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT on Saturday February 23rd! We'll be opening for Royal Thunder and Ancient Wisdom!! Also on the bill are the awesome Stone Titan! What a show - hope you can make it to this one!! Read more here: Facebook Event Page

You will be able to buy our new CD Red Over Red on Amazon and itunes within the next few days! We are super excited about this! You can also purchase physical copies of Red Over Red at Mystic Disc in downtown Mystic or The Telegraph in downtown New London. Of course we'll have 'em at shows as well - and you can always email us to purchase an actual copy too! Don't forget it's also available online at our Bandcamp Page!

AND last but not least... we are planning on doing some "weekend tours" this spring around the northeast. Stay tuned for more on that! If you have a show we might fit on, email us, we'd be forever grateful!

More later!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Release Day!!


Our CD is now available for purchase and download on our bandcamp page (or see the player at the bottom of this post):

If you live in New London, you can buy a physical copy right now at The Telegraph and of course through us! We're also going to get it down to a few other local independent record stores around the region within the week!

It will also be for sale this Saturday the 26th at The Hygienic Rock Fix show at The Crocker House Ballroom (corner of Golden & Union Streets). Show is from 7 to 11pm, (we are scheduled to go on around 9pm), $10 suggested donations, ALL AGES!

If you live outside of CT and wish to purchase a physical copy of the album, email us:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pics from the Listening/Release Party

Most of these were taken by the talented Andrew Coutermarsh - others taken by Rich Martin or myself. What a fabulous night! Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with us!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Press for Red Over Red

Thanks to Rick Koster from The Day for this article!!

Setting sail: Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s nautical song cycle
With a fantastical story arc that beautifully incorporates elements of the sea and its tradition of ghostly yarns, the atmospheric but dinosaur-stomp-heavy duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation has completed their new CD, "Red Over Red." A song-cycle that seems at times almost spookily ambient and, at others, like the delicious soundtrack to a Black Mass, the album is a triumph of energy, visceral mood and monstrously good tunes. Veterans of the e'er evolving and fruitful rock scene, Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Adam Wujtewicz (bass treatments/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) - hooked up with noted producer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth), and the result is even at this early date an odds-on choice for those distant year-end Best Of lists. Wujtewicz answered five questions about the new record.... read more at the link below...
-Rick Koster, The Day (January 15, 2013)

We sat down and did an interview with Corrine Jensen from

Jeff Thunders (Lost Riots/Die Hipster! Records) in New Haven reviewed the new album:

Can't wait to see you all Thursday at Telegraph for the listening party!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Red Over Red Release!!!


Join us as we celebrate the release of our debut LP Red Over Red with a FIRST LISTEN party on Thursday January 17 at The Telegraph - 19 Golden Street, New London from 7 to 9pm! We'll be spinning the new CD and we'll have some special merch as well! Red Over Red CD's will be available for purchase at this event, (which is BEFORE the actual street date on the 22nd), for ALL who attend! That's right New London... you get first dibs!! This event will serve as our local "release party" in addition to the two big shows we will be playing locally which are listed below. It's a release party times three!! Facebook Event Page.

Red Over Red will be available for purchase in stores locally and online starting Tuesday January 22 here:

THEN catch us live:

Friday January 18 @ The El-N-Gee Club
86 Golden Street - New London
8pm / $8 under 21 / $5 over 21
with Clamfight, When The Deadbolt Breaks and Blue Aside

Saturday January 26 @ Crocker House Ballroom
for the Hygienic Rock Fix!
35 Union Street - New London
7pm / $ suggested donations
with Incognito Sofa Love, Street People, Brazen Hussy, Slander, Fake Babies and Anne Castellano & The Smoke