Friday, November 9, 2012

Red Over Red update

So we've been getting a lot of questions from folks about what's happening with the new record, so here's the update!

We've been pretty busy... not much has slowed down for us since we returned from recording the album with Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab in Easthampton, MA last month.

The record is now in the process of being mastered by Carl Saff of Saff Mastering in Chicago. We've been listening to different passes over the last few weeks and we're nearly there! Yes, we are planning on pressing vinyl in addition to CD. Just a matter of working out details and finding the best pressing company to go with.

We've also been working hard on art, (which has been a bit tedious), but I think we've got the basic ideas down and we might even be close to finalizing the cover!

Then it's on to getting our ducks in a row with promotion and what have you so we can release this thing... and we can't WAIT for people to hear it! We're super anxious to release but we're also not trying to rush anything. So when everything's ready, we go from there. We would LOVE to see this thing unleashed in late January early February, but like I said - just have to see! We've also been discussing the possibility of putting together a small tour in spring?

We've also had a few shows here and there since recording. We played a last minute show at Javapalooza in Middletown, CT with our new friends the Lamb Bombs end of October... we just played here at home in New London last Monday Nov 5 at 33 Golden Street with some really awesome touring bands from the south, (Akris and Irata)... AND we're getting ready to play Elm Bar in New Haven next Thursday November 15, which is a Die Hipster Production. We've also got a few leads for a few shows in December, so stay tuned here to our website - we'll be posting more shows and updates soon!