Monday, October 1, 2012

Studio Day 1

Day one of recording at Sonelab is complete and let me say that I couldn't be happier.  The facility is great and Justin made us feel right at home from the get go.  We burned through half of the drum tracks for the album and the tones we're getting are out of this world.  We've got 14 mics on the drums alone!!!  It sounds like thunder coming out of the drum room.  Even the "scratch" bass tracks we've recorded are just crushing.  Be prepared for a super heavy, super melodic, super dynamic record.  We've always been happy with the sound we've gotten with just the 2 of us but Justin is bringing us to a completely different level.  We couldn't be more stoked.  Stay tuned as things take more shape.  We'll fill you in on which songs are completed which bizarre pedals I'm using and how many times it takes me to scream my way through the album.