Sunday, October 7, 2012

Red Over Red is now recorded and mixed

Wow.  There is no other way to start this post.  Just Wow.  We just spent 6, 10 hour days recording and mixing our forthcoming LP Red Over Red at Sonelab with Justin Pizzoferrato and while we are incredibly excited about how it sounds we're really sad that the recording process is over.  Justin was so great to work with and he made us feel right at home.  If there is a more fun way to make a record I'd like to see it. We had a blast while working extremely hard.  We were able to sit back and enjoy the album in it's entirety last nite on the way back to New London and it was pretty surreal to think that we had just done this record.   It is crushingly heavy at times and others it's spacey and atmospheric.  It's such a great representation of who we are as a band right now and we're super proud.  We couldn't be happier with the results so far and we really have Justin and the Sonelab crew to thank.  So thank you.  You will be seeing us again.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Studio Day 5 & 6

Friday was our first full day mixing and everything is going according to plan and its sounding absolutely amazing!!! We're so pleased with the way this is coming together. We can't wait to unleash this record!!! We've got a few more songs to finish up mixing today (Sat) and hopefully we'll be leaving later tonight with a fairly complete mix of the record!! So exciting!

We've really become used to the schedule of getting up in the morning and heading straight to the studio so its definitely gonna be hard to go back to reality. Its seriously been such a blast up here this week. Justin, Sonelab and everyone we've met up here have just been absolutely amazing. Hotel was great and all the places we've eaten at, (Riff's Joint rocks!), have been awesome as well. We seriously don't want to leave!!! Hopefully it's not too long before we get to come up here again though. More later!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Studio Day 4

There is nothing like waking up in the morning, heading to the studio and screaming your face off.  I left the vocals that were going to be the most difficult on my throat for today but we powered through it and the results were awesome.  There are some really strong melodies and some blood curdling screams on this record and I think they will all come across equally powerful.  Vocals finished... Now on to mixing.  We have been flying through this record but never at the expense of being thorough and I am confident we are leaving no stone unturned.  Justin has been working his studio wizardry and we've been getting great results.  The heavy parts are even bigger and meaner when they're mixed and panned; the quiet parts are spacey and atmospheric.  Tomorrow will be our first full day of mixing and I'm sure it'll be just as productive as the rest of the week has been.  Stay tuned.

Studio Day 3

We started out day 3 finishing up bass overdubs. Nothing like a little distortion first thing in the morning! Rock!! We wrapped up bass tracks fairly early in the afternoon and started right in on noise parts and vocals. Feedback, aw yeah! Adam was super busy! We've got 3 more songs to finish vocals for and its on to mixing! At the end of the day our bff's The Suicide Dolls stopped in to visit and check out the studio! We were sooo happy to see them!!! It was just what we needed to get through the rest of our week!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Studio Day 2

Day 2 in Sonelab was even better than day 1.  Meghan completed all the drum tracks and they sound awesome.  She really unleashed the beast on these songs.  We moved on to the bass tracks and we cruised through about 3 quarters of the album.  Justin was a huge help getting the tones together and offering suggestions.  Him and Meg had to sit through many hours of my bass playing today so they deserve a trophy for that.  Having both their sets of ears keeping tabs on what I was doing made the recording so much easier.  It's amazing what 14 different pedals and 3 people can create.  Red Over Red  is turning out to be a stonier and heavier record than we could have imagined and we're really excited about it.  Stay tuned to find out what goes on tomorrow at Sonelab when BRC returns for more mayhem.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Studio Day 1

Day one of recording at Sonelab is complete and let me say that I couldn't be happier.  The facility is great and Justin made us feel right at home from the get go.  We burned through half of the drum tracks for the album and the tones we're getting are out of this world.  We've got 14 mics on the drums alone!!!  It sounds like thunder coming out of the drum room.  Even the "scratch" bass tracks we've recorded are just crushing.  Be prepared for a super heavy, super melodic, super dynamic record.  We've always been happy with the sound we've gotten with just the 2 of us but Justin is bringing us to a completely different level.  We couldn't be more stoked.  Stay tuned as things take more shape.  We'll fill you in on which songs are completed which bizarre pedals I'm using and how many times it takes me to scream my way through the album.