Sunday, September 30, 2012

Settling in

Hello Easthampton, MA!  The drive up was quick and easy, but we hit a few good downpours. When we left New London it was sunny with no rain on the radar for our route, go figure. We were a bit worried about the luggage in the roof case getting wet... (yeah we forgot to put plastic bags around the luggage, whoops), but when we took the luggage out of the case everything was dry - we lucked out! We saw what seemed like a rainbow in every direction on the drive up - it was really something to see! We're taking it as sign of good things to come. :)

The hotel seems nice, pretty pleased with our room - it's comfortable and seems to have everything we need to get through the next week. Touched base with Justin and took a ride to find the studio so we know where to go tomorrow morning. Didn't have any problems - it's a pretty quick 10 minute drive down the road. We drove up to Northampton, (10 mins away as well), thinking we would eat dinner and grab a few pints at Northampton Brewery, which I had mapped out a few weeks ago. Apparently they were having a private party of some sort so we took a walk and ended up at Fitzwilly's a few blocks down the road. Pretty good eats - nice dinner.

Now we're back at the hotel relaxing and getting ready for our big "set up day" tomorrow. We'll most likely be blogging nights when we return from the studio and updating during the days on twitter (which also posts automatically to our Facebook). So yeah, you'll be hearing from us. We're excited.