Friday, May 11, 2012

Whalie Nominee Interview!

So we did a little interview with Corrine Jensen of for the Whalie Awards in which we are nominated for TWO awards: 

People's Choice: "Best Rock"
Critics Award: "Best Rock Song" (for SS Hangover)! 

Meghan Killimade and Adam Wujtewicz of Bedroom Rehab Corporation
Nominated for "Best Rock"
Interview by Corrine Jensen

1. How would you describe your sound/the music you’re making in 10 words or less?
Heavy bass, thunder drums, doom and gloom psychadelic brain noise....

2. Of all my songs, the one that...
A. people tell me they like the most is:

“No Payment For The Boatman” and “Mom’s Favorite”

3. What/who/where inspires you musically?
The Sea, heroes of yore and other great music the world over.

4. What song or album has been stuck on repeat in your life lately?
Graveyard’s self titled record.

5. Which local musician/singer/group/artist are you really into right now?
The Suicide Dolls

6. What do you do when you’re not making music?
Run, haha. Seriously, besides that and the band we are very family oriented, and are pretty much happy and content spending time at home making dinner and relaxing after our 9 to 5’s. Adam brews beer with his two best buds Sean Derby and Joe Harvey (Creature Brewing Co) and I think most people know that I’m also a photographer (Wailing City Photography) – just wish there were more hours in the day to dedicate to it!

7. What do you think has been your biggest success in the last year?
Writing an entire full length album (Red Over Red), keep an eye out...

8. How did you feel the moment you found out you were up for a Whalie?
Stoked, but we’re up against some really good bands, wow!

9. If you could walk down the ‘red’ carpet with anyone/thing, who/what would it be?
An ocelot that named Baboo... (anybody watch Archer?)

10. How are you going to celebrate post-Whalies?
Dodging red wine and any other form of beverage that would stain my fierce outfit or spook my ocelot.

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